Sunday, January 18, 2009

To Boldly Go Where. . .

I'm not going to say it. After I thought about it I realized it was disgusting. You can finish it if you are familiar with Star Trek. Yuk.

The Colonoscopy is only 10 hours away. Ladies and Gents, I managed to down the second 36 oz container of the nastiest stuff you ever tasted by 10 p.m.. And it also made me nearly sick to my stomach.

It is midnight here and I've only just been able to stop my trips up and down the hall. I am tired and starving! I am also dehydrated. I checked the skin on the back of my hands and it says so. YOu take the skin on the back of your hand and pull it up. If you are well hydrated it lies down nicely. If not, there is a delay. I have a serious delay. So, I have to get some fluids in me before bed. Did I say I'm tired?

I'll be back in a bit. Got to get the fluids and make a pit stop. Oh, this is just too gross. I'll have something constructive to say later.

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