Saturday, January 10, 2009

Much Ado... No, That's TO DO

I had plans to have Sarah today but apparently they stayed up all night so that isn't happening. Again.

I also planned to do some things round the house that begins shortly. I am rearranging my study and spare room. I'm spreading things out and organizing them. I want to get more functional space in the study and I want a sewing area. I've had no place to sew for several years and I miss it. I need a nice comfy chair, too, sit and read or watch a movie. I can do it in the living room but Jerry and I don't share the same tastes in television or movies. So, I can watch Lord of the Rings and Star Wars to my heart's content if I can get a nice place to sit.

I'm going through books too. I never toss books or even give them away if I l like them but I've decided that it is time to scale back some areas. I keep too much and my children will never share my interests. So, handing books down is silly. Maybe Sarah will one day want some of those that are special to me, but those days are far down the road.

It is so cold out and Jerry and I went out this morning to shop at some second hand stores. I was looking for something. Don't ask me what. It was "I'll know it when I see it" shopping. I picked up Mike a dish drainer and two glasses. I bought him some plastic ones when he moved so he would have something to drink out of but these were two pretty cobalt blue "glass" glasses. I hate drinking out of plastic and everyone needs the real thing. He doesn't have guest as far as I know so I don't know if it matters.

Well, I have to run and get busy. Mike is here doing his laundry and the television is blaring. I hope he gets done soon so the house will be silent! He's not doing anything but Mike is deaf in one ear so things have to be loud for him. A hearing aid won't help him because it is nerve deafness and can't be repaired or aided.

Have a good weekend and maybe I'll be back later with more profound words.

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