Sunday, January 11, 2009


The day is winding down. Today is our wedding anniversary. Thirty-five years today. It has been a quiet day around here. Jerry and I went to church this morning and then, had lunch at Captain D's . That's fish for those not familiar with the seafood franchise. I had the fried clams and he had fish. We came home and sat around watching a movie we started last night but didn't finish. Footsteps with Candice Bergen. Really a good movie! It was on Hulu. I really like Hulu. When we were done with that one, we watch an old movie with Joseph Cotton called A Blue Print for Murder. Also a very good movie.

I went and had a short nap and just got ready for church. We are picking up Sarah tonight to take her with us. Not sure why but we are.It's very difficult to take her because I have to wrestle with her during the whole service and I'm not doing very well with the pain. THat means I'll be in more pain and won't get to enjoy service. This is all Jerry's idea and so, instead of sleeping during the service he can keep her occupied.

Do I sound annoyed? I guess I am. I spent all afternoon trying to get Jerry to take a nap and he sat and kept nodding off in the chair while this movie was on. Now I get to sit next to him while he gets his real sleep in church. I hate that. If you aren't going to listen to the minister why bother to go!

The other problem is that Sarah no longer understands what I expect of her at church. She hasn't been with me in nearly a year. I understand at her church her mother lets other people play with her and keep her during the service. I never let my children go from person to person in church and call me old fashioned if you want. Children should sit with their parents and behave. I always carried small toys and books for them to play with and we sat far enough apart so that they could play between Jerry and I. I never had a minute's trouble out of them and they grew up loving church and knowing that they had to be quiet. I've always belonged to shouting and singing church so noise wouldn't be noticed but I meant disruptive noise.

So, deep breath and get rid of the frustration. I'm not going to be a pain about it. I've gotten it out of my system and now I will just do what I have to do.

Sorry I have not written much this week but junk. I'm been missing writing the good stuff a lot. My pain was bad all week and I just sort of lay around. My vacation after vacation, I call it. The weather is just causing a lot of problems. A man in our church sits in front of us and he is so very nice. He has the same problem I have and he always ask how I've been doing and we laugh about our shared aches. Oh God! I'm an old lady. I talk about my aches and pains.

Well, I'm not old. I'm a young woman trapped in an aging shell and I can't get out. I keep telling people to let me out and they just shake their head and say I'm crazy to boot.

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