Friday, January 23, 2009

Bug Season

It's cold. But most of you know that.

I have a cold. Drat! Someone has not been washing their hands and I've touched something, somewhere and picked up the virus. My Sarah has it, too. I suspect one of us passed it to the other.

I don't go anywhere but to work and I try really hard not to handle things without washing my hands. But I work in a agency than handles the paperwork for about 2000 people and let me tell you, there are times when I am not sure what they've been doing with it.

So now, I have caught something from someone.

I watched Fringe the other night. It had these freaky . . . bugs on it that were ingested (fed to the victim in a glass of water) in powder for and then immediately grew and killed their host . When they came out they were as big as rats. No I didn't know that would happen when I watch it! Anyway, later the scientist reveals that the bug was a strain of the common cold. As a side note, Sarah was on my lap watching and we both had the same expression on our faces when the bug first appeared. YUK! I cracked up at her expression because it was such a mirror of my own. But I quickly told her it was a bug before I knew and she was happy with that explanation. But I don't think she'll be watching Fringe with me again. Fringe science is a bit over her head at the moment. However, her mother told me today that Sarah had asked to watch the bug movie with Mawmaw. LOL! So, maybe I'll have a movie buddy after all. No one in the family likes the shows I like and it gets lonely watching them alone.

I started this at work this morning and am finishing it up at home. I think the cold is worse. Stuff nose, sore throat, tired feeling. Yep, it's a bug.

So, I'll go for now. I hope you are all spared any colds for the rest of the winter. I think I've gotten rather far without it and had hoped to miss it altogether. Alas, 'twas not to be.

By y'all.

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