Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Should Have Been Named Pauline

My life is a disaster. . well a series of disasters actually. Perils a plenty. I seem to stagger from one to the other. Stagger because I don't recover from one before another seems to jump out from the dark.

Saturday my house would not get cool. It was 81 inside and humid. Outside it was 94 and humid. I finally broke down and called a repairman at time and a half.... $75 an hour plus half that. My air conditioner was frozen up. He said it probably has a leak and needs repair. Since it was the weekend it wasn't possible. I also have a duct blocked, the bathroom duct. Apparently some brilliant soul dumped debris into it.

So, tomorrow they will come out again, at regular rates, and attempt to repair the air conditioner. They'll look at the vent, too. I'm supposed to try and vacuum it out. I'm too tired!

I'm worn out and feel as if I've not stopped running for weeks. Phyllis is still here. She is thinking about going back to work by Wednesday. She is doing much better and getting adjusted to her medicines. I don't know how she is going to afford them but she has to have it.

Dave and Becca are in the midst of a move and they may have to stay a few nights since the complex they are moving to said there were delays in some material for the remodel. It will be a lovely place for them but they were annoyed by the delay.

Now, I'm going. I'm just too tired to try and come up with something to say. It all seems pretty disastrous anyway so not much fun to relate.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Odd Balls and Idiots

I'm always amazed at the odd things that happen to people. Not me,
mind you. Thank goodness. No, other folks. Like this fellow who was
was found recently. This isn't the first time I've heard of this
happening. Still, I'm curious to know what he was thinking. We shall
never know for certain. I suppose he thought he'd get out as easy as
he got in.

And what about this one?

What was she doing up there? Was it a fig tree? Did she need the
leaves for something she was designing?

I like this one. Please note the second sentence of the second
paragraph.The aren't sure?

The next one puzzles me as much as the first. What was she thinking?

Here we have a sad case but still, how does such things happen? People
complained, no one listened, now they make it sound as if they didn't
complain loudly enough? Obviously, the surviving man is disturbed but
how in the world can one over look a corpse in the living room?

This lady apparently stores former boyfriends. I want to know if the
current one knew about the last one.

I wondered just how strange life can get after reading the first
story. I'm now certain that truth is far stranger and aberrational
than fiction.

People, a lot of people, are crazy.

I feel very normal.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mid-Week Slump

You know you are in trouble when you catch yourself saying, "There is
nothing on the internet that is interesting."

It's true. I'm at work and have a moment to catch my breath. I
wondered what I could find on the web that might be interesting to
read or just look at. Could not think of a single thing. Seriously.
Last thing I want is to surf.

What I'd really like is a nap. I'm so tired. I didn't get to bed as
early as I wanted. I did lie down when I got home and sort of dozed a
bit. But my back started hurting around 9 and I had to take an ice
pack to bed. I watched a couple of shows and kept having to shift the
ice pack around an reposition myself.

In fact, my current state is so bad that this post is boring me!
Really. So, with that in mind, I'm going to drift off and see if I can
find something to peak my interest.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Update on Phyllis' Condition

The doctor came in today and Aunt Phillis called me with a report,
which I will deliver here. My sister Phyllis' condition is improving
and she may go home from the hospital in a couple of days, if not
tomorrow. Her kidney function is improving steadily. Ideally they want
it at 0.7 and she has a whole point at least to go. While the blood
sugar is still a bit high, it will get better once the diarrhea from
the C. diff is under control and she can eat real food ad monitor it.
That is improving as well.

They were able to put another IV line in again today. Not sure how
long it will last. All the veins in her arms have been unusable with
the IV's after a couple of days. She has some really ugly black and
blue marks.

She has to go back in 6 weeks to so they can see if the blocked gall
bladder is unblocked or they can get the stone out. They are giving
her bile salts to try and "melt" the small stone and help loosen the
large one that blocked the duct. They put the stint in and it appears
to be working to drain the gall bladder and liver. This is important.

I don't know yet if she wants to go to her house or mine until she
gets well. I'm concerned about it but she has to make the decision.
Aunt Phillis will stay over a few days to act as nurse while I am at
work. I don't know how we would have managed without her and uncle
Dale this week. I simply could not be everywhere and I couldn't take
off work. I certainly couldn't have stayed at the hospital ever
minute. We've managed to be there around the clock for the first three
days. Last night we all came back to the house for the first time
since last Wednesday.

Thank you to everyone who called, prayed, and came by to visit. I know
she appreciated it. To my blog friends, once again you have proven the
best friends.


Nuff said?

Actually, it started as a gloomy, cooler morning. The sun is not
burning off the clouds and temps are expected to get back up in the
90's. That is where they were yesterday morning when I got to the
hospital. When I left they were in the low 70's. Today is a reverse.

I'm tired. I went to bed at 7:30. Woke up to at 9 p.m. and had to eat
a sandwich, which I didn't want but needed. Went back to bed. I woke
at 6:30 this morning. I had to get up during the night for an ice pack
for my lower back and leg. I took generic Tylenol but it didn't do
much for several hours. I had problems most of the night and it is
probably why I'm tired today.

Not sure of Phyllis' status. She called around 11 and woke me to tell
me that her two iv lines had failed . . . again. They couldn't get
blood. They have had to move up her arms every day with a new iv
because the veins keep failing. They say it is the sodium chloride
that causes it. They were concerned her potassium would drop because
she isn't getting it and still has diarrhea. Until that stops she's
losing fluids. It isn't as bad but it is still happening. I talked to
them a few minutes ago and they haven't seen the doctor yet. So now
idea still on what is happening.

I calculated that I can't miss any work for the next 5 months to earn
a week and a half of vacation. It is depressing. I wish I'd not taken
my vacation when my plans fell through but I really needed that time
off. And I was frustrated I couldn't do what I wanted to do. I was
sick for half of it anyway so it was a waste all the way around. The
only good news is that Sept. 5, Nov 8, 24, 24 & Dec 23, 26 and 30 are
all holidays coming up so it isn't as if I won't get any days off. I
just can't be sick or take a vacation day if I want to have any come

I'm off now. I have to wade through the piles here. Stay cool.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Update for Sunday Night

Phyllis is doing much better. She had been sitting in a chair all day. She can't leave her room because of the contagion of c diff. I stayed today and I think my aunt will not have to stay tonight.

They stint appears to be working and her levels are returning to normal. The kidney is now at 2.7 and her blood sugar is down to 132. All great improvements. She is taking insulin shots and I don't know if that will continue but probably until she is able to get on a more stable diet.

I'm headed for a hot shower and bed, I think. Tomorrow, I return to work.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Long Day

I'm home. My aunt is staying at the hospital tonight and I'll stay tomorrow.

The procedure was unsuccessful at removing the gall stone. They had to put a stint in to allow the gall bladder and liver to drain. They had to make a small incision and put the stint next to the stone. They will give her bile salts to try and dissolve the other smaller stones they said are in the bladder and they hope the stint will rub against the large blocking stone and that with the salt could break it down enough to pass it. She has to have the procedure done again in six weeks!

We were all simply stunned and so upset. And when she came around she ask me and I had to tell her no. She cried and said she was tired and wanted it over. She is so scared and there are so many things all at once happening to her. And the cost is weighing heavily on her mind.

Her blood sugar is hovering around 165 + or -. And her kidney's were at 4.7 on Wednesday night but are now at 3.7. A small but good drop. But they must be better before they can treat anything else.

They say in six weeks she has to have the same procedure done again. She also has c diff and they've started treatment for that but we've all been exposed and if we show symptoms we all have to be treated.

So... that is the current state of affairs. It's been a long day. I'm tired. Good night.

Start of a Day

I woke to temps in the 80's at around 8 a.m. I'm getting dressed in fits and starts. My aunt and uncle are on their way to the hospital and I'm going soon. We're going to have to trade off today staying over there. I can't sit for hours up there. I'm having pain in my lower back and right leg. The chairs are just miserable there and are probably the problem. So I'm going to have to figure out what to do.I tried standing last night and I think that's probably not the best idea. There are only two of us who can trade off so it probably is not going to matter much.

I don't know when they will do the procedure. I'm very concerned. I gather pancretitus is serious and painful. There is no one here to help me once they go home and I don't think she'd be able to work. I can only hope that the procedure to remove the stones is not a problem.

This is not to remove the gall bladder at this point. They can't remove that with stones in the duct. They have to get the stones out and then go back again and remove the gall bladder.

They are also going to test her for something called cetif or cediff. Not sure of the spelling. Causes diarrhea and other intestinal issues and is brought on by excessive use of antibiotics. Around the first of the year she has at least 4 rounds of them for a sinus infection and I told her then that was very bad for her. When she got sick this last week they gave her another round of antibiotics. I think that was the trigger to all of this. It is highly contagious, particularly to children. So we have to stay away from Sarah. I don't know how they treat that but we'll see if she has it first. I take a pro-biotic, acidophiles, every day so am not too worried. It is the bad bacteria in your stomach on steroids so to speak that causes the problem. Antibiotics kill the good bacteria and cause the bad to fluoresce. You're body is over run with it.

And I'm told can cause kidney problems, liver problems, etc

I've not looked any of this stuff up because, frankly, I've got enough worry on my plate in my own head and don't need to feed it. I'm sure it is all very bad.

So, gone for now. Just have to put on my top and shoes and gather my crochet, a book and anything else to get me through hours idleness.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Drama - Who Needs Television

I'm blogging and updating friends with this post. Not sure how it will work but we'll see.

My sister, Phyllis, had a procedure today to determine if there are any blockages of the ducts of her gall bladder. If there are, they must be removed. This is a painful and serious problem. The procedure revealed that there is a blockage. Tomorrow the same procedure will be done to remove the blockage. They use a different instrument next time. There is a risk with this step - it can cause pancreatitus if a stone gets in the pancreas or if they nick it with the instrument - so they don't like to use this instrument unless they are sure there is a blockage, ergo, same procedure done twice.

When she went to the ER on Wednesday night her blood sugar was 500 and she was in renal failure. Her liver enzymes were high, indicating a blockage from her gall bladder. Had she gone home instead of the ER she would have died.Yesterday, they had problems getting a vein to draw blood, finally having to disconnect her IV and draw blood from that needle. Her sugar fluctuated between 165 and 200 most of the day. Her liver enzymes were falling indicating that there was no blockage. But they had to see if there are any stones in the tube that drains the gall bladder. If there are, they must be removed before they removed the gall bladder. If a stone happens to get into the pancreas she can get pancreatitus. If it blocks the tubes, it also blocks liver ducts and her kidneys can fail. When there are no stones blocking the ducts, they can remove the gall bladder.

I'm told that Phyllis talked to her job today and they said her job was not in jeopardy and they were putting her on medical leave. They were very nice. I suspect that they listened to my recorded phone call from Wednesday night where I explained loudly what I thought, what I was going to do and how very much it was going to cost them before I was done. Maybe they didn't but I have the note from the check stub about her having no more time.  The gist of my message was that win or lose by the time I was done it was going to cost far more than a small company might be willing to pay. My message was that Phyllis and I both wanted to retire... NOW. Of course, maybe they didn't get that message.

I'm exhausted. Pain levels were up this morning everywhere but oddly, my feet are bother me less than anything else. Maybe not so oddly. My lower back and right leg were pretty bad last night. I took acetaminophen and nearly got an ice pack but I was so tired I did not want to get up and I went to sleep. That was a bit better this morning. All this garbage I take can kill you but acetaminophen works better on that back pain than anything. Weird.

Our youngest sister was having a fit because she wanted to tell our mother about Phyllis. Phyllis did not want this. If you knew our mother, the drama queen, you wouldn't question this. It is all about HER. Bill called me yesterday and said he'd talked to her and she was saying, "I'm sicker than I've ever been in my life." Whereupon she began to relate all her ills. This is her tag line. I intend to have it carved on her headstone. Unless I tattoo it on her forehead first!

Anyway, Roselynn was having a fit because "she has to live with this woman". She doesn't really live with her but she lives a good 15 miles away and feels responsible for her for some reason.  I personally don't care what they tell her or if they tell her. This is the woman who would not answer her phone when Phyllis called her for years! Why she'd care is beyond me but since she says she does they can tell her anything they want. My aunt was talking to Rose and I told her to tell her that but that under no circumstances was mother dearest to call that hospital and give Phyllis any whining, moaning, and poor little me garbage. Honestly, she'd try the patience of God. I ain't.

I've had a very bad week. In fact, my life has been pretty rotten for several years now. In the last couple of weeks I've chewed out more people than usualt. I'm getting tired of being a sweet magnolia, I guess. If things don't shape up, Dixie's gonna rise again. It won't be any prettier the second time.

I will update as time and energy permits.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Morning Rush

I was feeling pretty good this morning, except for some mild depression over coming to work. And I have to say, right now, at 3:33 I feel really good! Some mild pain in my lower back from being on the front desk for 4 hours. The chair up there is hideous and I didn't have computer glasses. So I strained my lower back.

I went to church last night and we had Brother Ashcraft visiting. He is a very good minister. I don't know if you all know about ministers who have a "Word of Knowledge" or not but he does and he also prays for healing for people. After the preaching he usually ministers to individuals with this. He came over to me just as he stopped and said he was going to pray for the pain in my feet! I did have pain in my feet, I always do. And I was hurting in a lot of other places. But my feet stopped hurting! And they aren't really hurting today. In fact, my knees stopped hurting. In 15 minutes I was not hurting anywhere and I went home and had an excellent night's sleep with NO PAIN! Excuse me while I dance a minute. Cause I could today.

For those who don't know me, pain is a serious problem for me. I sleep badly and have virtually no periods of no pain at all. For the doubters, no, I had not talked with him. I don't actually "know" him. He's been to the church a few times. The last time he was here he prayed for the pain in my neck at my request but even then, we didn't talk. The neck has been much better ever since. Last night he arrived after service started and went straight to the front. My feel feel fine today and that alone is unusual.

I had a really lovely Saturday. I got to spend it with my daughter-in-law and Sarah. I actually like spending time with Becca but for a while now we've not been able to do that. They haven't been coming over as much either. Their car was in bad shape and they didn't want to get out. But I think we had a nice day. I did. I bought shoes for Sarah. I do that to help and because I love buying shoes! The only shopping I actually like is shoe shopping. But Sarah was exhausted by noon and in a really bad mood. We'd been to several places but her foot is difficult to fit so it was necessary. And one store had a shoe to fit her but not the one we wanted. The other store had the one we wanted but not her size!

We went to JoAnn fabrics and bought ribbon and clips for Becca to make hair bows. They are quite expensive to buy. And the initial start up to make them is high but no higher than 5 of those bows!  I told her she better make them if I buy all that ribbon! If she doesn't I repo it and do it myself.

David got off as 6 and we all went to supper. Mike had company and we didn't see him.

Poor Mike, his company was another bimbo who stole some brand new games from him. He's upset. He won't listen to me about these people he keeps meeting on the internet. No reflection to my friends here but if a woman is advertising on the internet there is a REASON. It isn't because men are beating a path to her door. It is because they aren't. And this one weighed at least 350 lbs and was a thief! A woman that big should never wear jeans (where she got them that large is beyond me). I could have used them for a sail! This isn't the first one to cost him. Hello? There is a clue here.

He's upset but I think he was hurt more because she emailed him and said some very hurtful things. Mind you she stuck around for 5 days. My guess is she was looking for things worth stealing and he got the games Saturday. He doesn't really have anything else. She took them to a store in a different town and got a refund on them.

I'm going to stop now. I worked on my sewing video last night. I still have the second part to edit and then, the third part to make. I actually like this one but see where I need to improve my skills. LOL, not that they are going anywhere. It is fun though.

I have to start writing something soon. The writing group meets again in a week.

I"m off to take a break now. Hope you all have a good Monday.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday - What do I do?

I got up and dressed around 8:30 and looked around to see what I needed to do. Um... nothing. It was a very odd feeling. Everything is clean, dusted, folded, put away, and tidy. I can sew or read or shop.

I'm on my way out to do some errands for my sister, pick up Sarah and Becca and go buy shoes for Sarah, and paint to finish the porch and the shed. Becca's dad painted the porch yesterday while Sue cleaned the house.

I am so relieved by Sue's efforts. I am not really too messy, actually but I have so many weekends where I'm having mobility issues that it builds up. Today I do one room. Next week I part of another or a the whole room, then another until weeks later I'm back at the original room and it is a disaster. In the mean time dust accumulates and cobwebs. I get frustrated by all of it. I used to clean my whole house on Saturday. Now, I'm lucky if I get one room done.

So, today, I'll have the running to do and then, work on my skirt tutorial. If the insurance crisis had not hit me I would have had a perfect day, as perfect as this back will allow. It is acting up this morning. I've managed to read the blogs and comment on a few. I'm on my way out now. So everyone enjoy your day! I'll return with stories.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Do I Have Stupid Tattooed on My Forehead?

I ended a lousy week feeling fairly good. I came home to a house smelling like a slice of heaven, a clean slice. I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend where I didn't have to do anything but enjoy it.

I opened my mail to find that my homeowners insurance was cancelled. Mind you, I just bought it two or three months ago and changed companies so I could get earthquake insurance. Remember all that?

I'm so upset by this. I have 5 business days to find another company! They said my shed, my 20 yr old Walmart shed, was rusty and I had discarded or unstored items that posed a hazard on the property. You've all seen photos of this property. There is a rusty shed that needs painting. It doesn't leak and has nothing in it of value, I don't even lock it! I have three doors taken off the house and two windows leaning against the wall to be hauled away to Habitat as soon as I can get in touch with them. That is all that is here.

The agent came and sat on my front porch in broad daylight to sell this insurance to me. All these items were here. He never told me there was a problem or even might be. Apparently in addition to that, an inspector came when I was not here. I never got a call to discuss a problem, or arrange to meet me and go over it. My other insurance was canceled and replaced before this "problem" was even mentioned! I'm furious. This is very poor business practice. I've never had a problem getting any kind of insurance on this house. And before the remodel it looked horrible!

I called the agent and he knew nothing but he said, "Well they did have another guy who had a problem with a shed and they had to exclude it." ...................So, why didn't you mention this when you walked the property? I didn't ask it. I was fuming. He said he'd call them Monday and try and see what was happening and see if we could exclude the shed. I hate to tell him, but if I can even find someone to insure me they are history. I don't know how hard it will be since this is a company cancellation. I can't afford the state insurance. It will cost me the earth. I am so glad I did not buy their car insurance! They tried but I just didn't feel I should change it.

I also happen to know, having worked in insurance, there is a little agency that governs insurance and abuse by insurance companies. They will be my second call on Monday.

My sister had to go to the urgent care again last night. She was sick for the second time in two weeks. Her gall bladder has to come out. Guess what? Her deductible is $5000. Yes, you heard me. That is the result of the company raising the deductible to cut their cost of insurance. She's lost her house, has put her student loans on hold, and is spending all she can on credit card debt before she has to start paying rent in a month. All her savings are gone. I have no idea what to do but I suspect that she's going to have to come here. That horrible company treats her shabby and now she might as well be working for nothing. She doesn't make $8 an hour as it is.

I've had my vent. I have to get some things done before bed. I'm so angry and so worried. I don't know how I'll get insurance in a week. Becca is calling her agent tomorrow and if I can come up with something by Monday, Farmer's Insurance won't get an extra week of my money.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Great Writers' Meeting

We had a good time at the writers' meeting tonight. I've posted the write up over on blogger. Here's the link if you're interested: The Writers' Asylum

I had a so-so day at work. There were only two case managers, admissions person, inspection clerk and receptionist working today out of a staff of 13. The two inspectors worked but they are never in the office anyway. By 4 two of those in house had left as well. I was the only case manager in the office and I had to cover for the front desk today. I got NONE of my own work done. Never mind...

My back has been ok. I am being careful what I do and how long I sit at one job. I can tell it isn't quite right but so far it isn't as bad as it was last weekend.

Tomorrow is Friday. The day only last 8 hours. If I can sit at my desk and do my job it will go quickly. I spent three hours doing front desk duty today. I can't do that tomorrow if I expect to get done.

Tomorrow night I want to finish up my skirt tutorial and get that edited so I can post it by Sunday at least. {I cuda been a stah!} Ok I think it is time for bed.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stormy Weather

It is pouring down rain, has been for several hours now. My back has just been terribly painful. I said this weekend I thought my pain levels were usually weather related. I was waiting to see if I was right. I came home at noon and didn't go back to work. I put Biofreeze on it and I sat in a chair and slept for an hour after I came in. I guess I was tired. When I got up I got two ice packs out of the freezer and put them in a towel, positioned so they were on each side of my back where the muscles lie on either side of the spine and cover the rib cage. Those are large muscles. Then, I lay down on them and went to sleep. I woke up and my back was numb. Actually it was a bit better, which surprised me since most people say put heat on on it.

At the moment, I'm so-so. I forgot to take my doxepin so sleep tonight might be a problem. But I think I'll take a couple of benedryl if it is. I'm having mild allergy symptoms for a few days now.

I called Carolyn tonight. Her husband, also named Jerry, came through the surgery just fine and today is doing pretty good. They told her that when they got in there to take that hip joint out it fell apart. They didn't see how he was functioning. I told her "Well, he wasn't!" He'd had back surgery before to try and help his problem because they "thought" it was his back. I guess they were wrong. He always believed it was his hip. At any rate, she said he's doing good.

I'm headed off now. I'm going to have a sewing tutorial on how to make those gathered skirts without a pattern I hope, by the weekend. I'm going to have to be careful the rest of the week because I think leaning over the machine has strained my back. I'm fairly certain it is the big boobs that are the problem. I'm carrying 20 lbs around on my chest. But unless the doctor says it is medically necessary, they aren't going anywhere. Still, I suspect I need a reduction. It seems to be where I gain weight now-a-days. It is getting difficult.

Hope your week ends better than mine has started. I hope the rain cools us off rather than boils us. When I stepped out a while ago it was so hot and humid and pouring! Had I more trees I'd have sworn I was in the rain forest!

Ta everyone!

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Lunch Break

I am home for lunch today. Carolyn's husband is having hip replacement surgery today and she will be out all week. So, my lunch hours will be alone and probably at home, which I actually find I like. I take it much later when I go alone because it makes my afternoon go much quicker.

My pain is a bit better today, all but my upper back. The muscles in that part of my back are just screaming. I think I am going to have to stop sitting on the sofa to do any computer work. And I must find a better seat for sewing. I'm a bit low on my current chair I think. All of which I believe has lead to strained back muscles.

I was looking at Jilly's blog and she is just whizzing along with all these crafts. She is really catching on to the sewing, too. Of course, I've always told people it is very easy to learn, not quick, mind you, but easy to learn. Once you get the basics, you've got it licked. I miss not having the time to do all the things I want to do. But I'm truly glad I bought that new machine. I have so enjoyed using it and just sewing again gives me a lot of pleasure. My Sarah will be the best dressed kid in day care! LOL, Becca always dresses her nicely and fixes her hair. People say they always look forward to seeing what she'll have on next. She is a bit like dressing a doll. An 18 inch waist!

I've bee posting my videos to You-Tube this week. It is so much easier than multiply and way faster! And I can use them on the other blogs instead of having to load them up more than once. Just have to keep them below 15 minutes.

It is currently 97F here. When I got in my car it said it was 102F! I guess it was reading the internal temp of the car. Of course, it could be 102F. At these temperature ranges, there is very little difference.

Ok, time to get ready to head back. Just wanted to stop in while I had a chance. Not sure what I'll be doing tonight.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Dash

I'm out the door in about 10 minutes to get Mike for church. Becca originally said Sarah could go with me this morning but I'd have to go pick her up before 9. I tried to call at 8 and no answer. I called at 8:30 to say I wasn't going to be able to get there in time and look for a solution. No answer. I finally called Dave who answered and said, "She's going with Becca."

How nice I didn't make a wasted trip thinking she could go! I was going to have to drive east 5 miles to get her, west 10 miles to get Mike, then back 5 miles to hit the highway to church. But no one bothered to call me to say they changed their mind!

I woke to absolute pain all over again. From the top of my head to the soles of my feet. It took me half an hour to be able to move where my legs didn't hurt when I walked. I don't know what is going on. I haven't got a thing that I can take, well, maybe I should take the generic Tylenol I keep on hand. Will go do that now and then I'm on my way.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Another Saturday Whirl

I woke up late because I stayed up late last night and I paid the price! I hurt every single place. The clock went off around 8:30 and I staggered to the kitchen for a cup 'o joe. I staggered back to my bedroom and took my meds and then staggered back to the living room to lie down on the sofa and promptly fall back asleep. I slept until about 9:30 and awoke still in pain to a cold cup of coffee.

I still ached pretty much everywhere and there wasn't a dark cloud in sight. Still weather changes seem to follow such pain so I'll be watching. I put off going after Mike until nearly noon despite his calling wanting me to take him to the grocery store.

Instead I sat down and worked on another skort for Sarah. I did the shorts and stopped long enough to go get Mike, take a trip to Lowe's for Round-up and while there found a simply smashing curtain rod for $2! And it had these matching "tie" back things you attach to the wall to tie back the curtain, also $2. It had "Kids" on it meaning it was for a child's room but it is silver with pink and blue "gems" on the finials. Really pretty and not so much kid looking as feminine. They had two but I only have one room with one window in mind and that is the guest room with the new curtains. Next for that room I'll have to buy paint and put in carpet. It is going to be a nice little room when I'm done.

Must get the excess furniture out first!

While we were out we had lunch at Penn Station. Then I had to get my mower out from repair. We got back to the house around 3 and Mike set about cutting the yard. He worked about 15 minutes and took a break of about 20! He worked 15 minutes and took another break of about 20. It took him 4 hours to cut this yard. Yes, it was hot. Yes, it is a big yard. But I've done it in hotter weather and half the the time. The key is lots of water and limited breaks. I was so frustrated with him for taking so long. I told him I was NOT going to the grocery store at 7 p.m. He could wait for another day.

While he cut the yard I worked on Sarah's skort. I got the skirt nearly done and realized that this was a really pretty skirt! So, skort idea out the window. She can use the shorts for something else. I don't like making them anyway. They're rather boring and I spent years making shorts and pants for boys. I have only to put elastic in the skirt and the short waistbands and I'm done with them. Yes, there will be photos. I'm posting them here but the videos will be in my sewing blog on blogger after I put them on Youtube.

I managed to hound Mike until he got his bath and I took him home. I came back, by way of CVS Pharmacy to pick up meds, and scrambled some eggs. I do scrambled eggs exceptionally well, light, fluffy, and not hard. I had that, two pieces of toast with a light spread of Strawberry jam, and a glass of the coldest milk I can remember, just the way I like it. Saturday turned upside down!

Now, I've had my shower and am about to embark on on my vessel to the land of Nod where I shall lie blissfully in the arms of Morpheus. Well, after I've rolled my hair and brushed my teeth.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Roundup

I'm about to go to bed and figured it was time to do a blog. I haven't been around much, except to read blogs, for a bit. I'm getting them in my email because I can't get on Multiply from work. It's ok but I can't see photos that way so I still follow up once I get home. Still, I just haven't had the motivation or time to blog.

I haven't sewn all week. I've been getting to bed by 11:00 most nights and I've had less pain. Not sure if it is the sleep o the weather, which has been rotten for 24 hours. No idea about tomorrow.

I have some things I'd like to do but already Mike has called for me to come get him. I'm tired of doing this Saturday dance every single weekend. I told him it would be late tomorrow before I can pick him up. Again, he needs groceries but I just want a weekend to rest.

Sarah asked if she come back over tomorrow afternoon. I told her yes. She was here a bit tonight so Dave and Becca could go somewhere together. They don't get to do that a whole lot unless I keep Sarah. She was good as gold but a real handful to boot. She talked non-stop.

I don't know where she gets it from. And I had a house full of superheros. Batman, Superman, Ironman, Spiderman, and a fella called Sonic. According to Sarah, they were our Guess. I told her that was find but they better behave themselves. No climbing the walls, which the promptly did. They were quite but then, I doubt they could get a word in edgewise with Sarah around.

I've trying to put my second fabric video on my sewing blog but something has happened since I did the first one and it won't load. I'm uploading it to YouTube to see if I can do it then. I think I can but not sure.

The house is relatively clean but I've ask Sue to come clean for me next Friday. She moved back and she is just the best cleaner. So, I'm not going to kill myself cleaning this weekend. I'm going to do what I want to do and just keep it tidy. She'll do a thorough cleaning on the 15th. She likes it, needs the money and I need the help. My house will smell so good when she is done!

I got a call today and my mower is ready to pick up. So, I think that will be a project for Mike to help me with tomorrow. Good thing since Phyllis' mower has a wheel broken. I'm also going to buy some more Roundup to kill the rest of that mess in my fence. I've got some more gift card money for Lowe's and I have several items I need.

I've done NO writing. It just isn't happening. I don't know why. I'm depressed about it. I just don't do it and find ways to avoid it. No, I'm angry about it. I don't know if I care anymore. I'm going to pour myself in the the sewing and get all that fabric out of here.

Oh, get this, I mentioned my new machine at work and a woman there said, "OH, I have some things I need altered. I'll bring them to you! Do you do alterations?" I said that I had not done alterations. I told her altering a garment you had not made was different from making a garment. It was harder.She waved a hand and said, "Well, if you can make a something you can alter it. I'll bring something that won't matter if you mess it up."

I kid you not. She never asked me if I wanted to do them. I wish I could give you a number as to how many times I've had this happen. This is the second person at work to do this. They don't even ask! They just tell me, as if I have all this time to do their sewing!

O.k. I'm headed to bed. I've vented enough. It is now way past my allotted bed time.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Full Story of Youcef Nadarkhani | Present Truth Ministries

But this is a peaceful religion...... I mean, they have a constitution that allows people to practice religion...

He's not arrested for murder, or robbery, or rape, or war crimes. He's arrested because he's a Christian. . .in his own country. . . by his own people.

A second report. If you google his name you get conflicting reports from other sources. The following is the most recent I could find. He may in fact have lost the case. They aren't very forthcoming about information in Iran.

Please don't presume it couldn't happen in your country. It has, it can, and it probably will at some point.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Another Saturday Awry

I never have a weekend that goes my way. For some reason other people need things. I had to pick David for at 9 so he could be at work by 9:30. It wasn't his fault really. The brakes went out on his car. He had to go to make a deposit at 10:15 so I had to wait. After than I thought my day would be mine. I was wrong.

I picked up Mike to bring him over to cut the yard. However, this is not a job that he can/will do to my satisfaction without constant nagging. Go back and cut that corner. Pick up the paper before you cut. Move the brick to cut, don't go around it. Go back and cut that corner. Go back and cut that corner! NOW!

I sprayed Round-Up around the areas I'm tired of bastard plants sprouting up. They will die a slow, well deserved death. Two hours after I was done I saw that those in the direct sunlight were already turning black. By the way, I think we finally killed the tree that is under the air conditioner duct work at the foundation of the house. We'll see.

Around noon we had to go get my sister's car. I took her some lunch since she asked me to. You remember that mower I bought in 2009 and have had in the shop every summer since. Yes, that one. I put it in the shop again. Since 2009 I've probably had my yard cut with it about a dozen times. I will never buy another Craftsman lawnmower from Sears.

Anyway, we've been using a small, cheap Weedeater brand that belonged to my sister until she sold her house. Today, the back wheel broke on that on but we soldiered on. No choice.

I went to get Sarah around 3 and Becca over.

Eventually... several hours later... say around 4, Mike and I were done. The yard was cut, the overgrown areas cut and four bags of yard waste on the street. Sarah helped bag the yard waste. Mike finished the corners. We were exhausted. I cut Mike's hair and he got a hot shower and shaved.

I had to pick up Dave at 5. He picked up Becca's dad to come help fix his brakes. They were gone by 7. Me, Mike and Sarah went for burgers and ice cream and I dropped a very worn out Mike home.

At 8 I finally got a hot shower and Sarah just got a bath at 8:30. I am hoping she will be ready for bed very soon.

I did no sewing, no writing, and no relaxing. I'm tired.

I'm also tied of having every weekend spent working or dealing with everyone's disasters, even my own.

Texan Wins Controversial 'White Man' Scholarship -

I found this highly amusing for a couple of reasons. For years there was an advertisement on television for the National Negro College Fund. Wonderful program I am sure but it offends me because of the hypocrisy. When we saw this commercial my husband and I would wonder what would happen if someone started A National White College Fund to assist whites only. We speculated that it would be called racist and be attacked by the left wing.

I wish Jerry was here so we could say "We were right!" and have a laugh over it. If I had money to spare, I'd actually donate to this scholarship fund! Seriously! I'd be called a racist simply for that reason alone. "Oh, yes, I donate to the "White Man Scholarship Fund". I can even see people being fired for it!

We live in a world where racism is a matter of perspective. You remember the guy who recently said I treated the white clients with more attention that I did him? I told a friend this week that if it became necessary I have two black female clients who have sent me cards stating I was the best case worker they've ever had.

The difference in all of those cases is in what the person wanted to see or hear. I treated them all the same but one wanted to get special treatment while the others wanted fair treatment. Two said thank you while the other stomped his feet and waved a race card.

"Kirk to Enterprise. There's no intelligent life here. Beam me up, Scotty!"