Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Morning Rush

I was feeling pretty good this morning, except for some mild depression over coming to work. And I have to say, right now, at 3:33 I feel really good! Some mild pain in my lower back from being on the front desk for 4 hours. The chair up there is hideous and I didn't have computer glasses. So I strained my lower back.

I went to church last night and we had Brother Ashcraft visiting. He is a very good minister. I don't know if you all know about ministers who have a "Word of Knowledge" or not but he does and he also prays for healing for people. After the preaching he usually ministers to individuals with this. He came over to me just as he stopped and said he was going to pray for the pain in my feet! I did have pain in my feet, I always do. And I was hurting in a lot of other places. But my feet stopped hurting! And they aren't really hurting today. In fact, my knees stopped hurting. In 15 minutes I was not hurting anywhere and I went home and had an excellent night's sleep with NO PAIN! Excuse me while I dance a minute. Cause I could today.

For those who don't know me, pain is a serious problem for me. I sleep badly and have virtually no periods of no pain at all. For the doubters, no, I had not talked with him. I don't actually "know" him. He's been to the church a few times. The last time he was here he prayed for the pain in my neck at my request but even then, we didn't talk. The neck has been much better ever since. Last night he arrived after service started and went straight to the front. My feel feel fine today and that alone is unusual.

I had a really lovely Saturday. I got to spend it with my daughter-in-law and Sarah. I actually like spending time with Becca but for a while now we've not been able to do that. They haven't been coming over as much either. Their car was in bad shape and they didn't want to get out. But I think we had a nice day. I did. I bought shoes for Sarah. I do that to help and because I love buying shoes! The only shopping I actually like is shoe shopping. But Sarah was exhausted by noon and in a really bad mood. We'd been to several places but her foot is difficult to fit so it was necessary. And one store had a shoe to fit her but not the one we wanted. The other store had the one we wanted but not her size!

We went to JoAnn fabrics and bought ribbon and clips for Becca to make hair bows. They are quite expensive to buy. And the initial start up to make them is high but no higher than 5 of those bows!  I told her she better make them if I buy all that ribbon! If she doesn't I repo it and do it myself.

David got off as 6 and we all went to supper. Mike had company and we didn't see him.

Poor Mike, his company was another bimbo who stole some brand new games from him. He's upset. He won't listen to me about these people he keeps meeting on the internet. No reflection to my friends here but if a woman is advertising on the internet there is a REASON. It isn't because men are beating a path to her door. It is because they aren't. And this one weighed at least 350 lbs and was a thief! A woman that big should never wear jeans (where she got them that large is beyond me). I could have used them for a sail! This isn't the first one to cost him. Hello? There is a clue here.

He's upset but I think he was hurt more because she emailed him and said some very hurtful things. Mind you she stuck around for 5 days. My guess is she was looking for things worth stealing and he got the games Saturday. He doesn't really have anything else. She took them to a store in a different town and got a refund on them.

I'm going to stop now. I worked on my sewing video last night. I still have the second part to edit and then, the third part to make. I actually like this one but see where I need to improve my skills. LOL, not that they are going anywhere. It is fun though.

I have to start writing something soon. The writing group meets again in a week.

I"m off to take a break now. Hope you all have a good Monday.


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