Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Should Have Been Named Pauline

My life is a disaster. . well a series of disasters actually. Perils a plenty. I seem to stagger from one to the other. Stagger because I don't recover from one before another seems to jump out from the dark.

Saturday my house would not get cool. It was 81 inside and humid. Outside it was 94 and humid. I finally broke down and called a repairman at time and a half.... $75 an hour plus half that. My air conditioner was frozen up. He said it probably has a leak and needs repair. Since it was the weekend it wasn't possible. I also have a duct blocked, the bathroom duct. Apparently some brilliant soul dumped debris into it.

So, tomorrow they will come out again, at regular rates, and attempt to repair the air conditioner. They'll look at the vent, too. I'm supposed to try and vacuum it out. I'm too tired!

I'm worn out and feel as if I've not stopped running for weeks. Phyllis is still here. She is thinking about going back to work by Wednesday. She is doing much better and getting adjusted to her medicines. I don't know how she is going to afford them but she has to have it.

Dave and Becca are in the midst of a move and they may have to stay a few nights since the complex they are moving to said there were delays in some material for the remodel. It will be a lovely place for them but they were annoyed by the delay.

Now, I'm going. I'm just too tired to try and come up with something to say. It all seems pretty disastrous anyway so not much fun to relate.

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