Friday, July 15, 2011

Do I Have Stupid Tattooed on My Forehead?

I ended a lousy week feeling fairly good. I came home to a house smelling like a slice of heaven, a clean slice. I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend where I didn't have to do anything but enjoy it.

I opened my mail to find that my homeowners insurance was cancelled. Mind you, I just bought it two or three months ago and changed companies so I could get earthquake insurance. Remember all that?

I'm so upset by this. I have 5 business days to find another company! They said my shed, my 20 yr old Walmart shed, was rusty and I had discarded or unstored items that posed a hazard on the property. You've all seen photos of this property. There is a rusty shed that needs painting. It doesn't leak and has nothing in it of value, I don't even lock it! I have three doors taken off the house and two windows leaning against the wall to be hauled away to Habitat as soon as I can get in touch with them. That is all that is here.

The agent came and sat on my front porch in broad daylight to sell this insurance to me. All these items were here. He never told me there was a problem or even might be. Apparently in addition to that, an inspector came when I was not here. I never got a call to discuss a problem, or arrange to meet me and go over it. My other insurance was canceled and replaced before this "problem" was even mentioned! I'm furious. This is very poor business practice. I've never had a problem getting any kind of insurance on this house. And before the remodel it looked horrible!

I called the agent and he knew nothing but he said, "Well they did have another guy who had a problem with a shed and they had to exclude it." ...................So, why didn't you mention this when you walked the property? I didn't ask it. I was fuming. He said he'd call them Monday and try and see what was happening and see if we could exclude the shed. I hate to tell him, but if I can even find someone to insure me they are history. I don't know how hard it will be since this is a company cancellation. I can't afford the state insurance. It will cost me the earth. I am so glad I did not buy their car insurance! They tried but I just didn't feel I should change it.

I also happen to know, having worked in insurance, there is a little agency that governs insurance and abuse by insurance companies. They will be my second call on Monday.

My sister had to go to the urgent care again last night. She was sick for the second time in two weeks. Her gall bladder has to come out. Guess what? Her deductible is $5000. Yes, you heard me. That is the result of the company raising the deductible to cut their cost of insurance. She's lost her house, has put her student loans on hold, and is spending all she can on credit card debt before she has to start paying rent in a month. All her savings are gone. I have no idea what to do but I suspect that she's going to have to come here. That horrible company treats her shabby and now she might as well be working for nothing. She doesn't make $8 an hour as it is.

I've had my vent. I have to get some things done before bed. I'm so angry and so worried. I don't know how I'll get insurance in a week. Becca is calling her agent tomorrow and if I can come up with something by Monday, Farmer's Insurance won't get an extra week of my money.

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