Saturday, June 28, 2008

Winding Down

Ah well, the weekend is winding down and so am I. I am rather tired tonight. Haven't really felt well today. I had lots of plans but got up feeling unrested and uncomfortable, not exactly terrible pain but just difficult to move well. My right calf has really been bawling all day and simply didn't want to walk at all. Very stubborn and would be better named a mule.

Sorry about my little attempt at humor. I didn't even get up until nearly 9 and sat on the couch reading for about two hours. I spent the next couple of hours working out Jerry's nightmare of a bank account. He had three statement that had to be balanced and I simply let the software do it. No wonder he was overdrawn! I can't handle his account and mine! He never puts things in the register and then when he runs short he doesn't know why. We've had more arguments about this and I've told him I am not going to do his statements anymore. So, he just left them and got overdrawn last month and it cost ME $200! It is our joint account but about three or four years ago I opened a personal account when we kept having over drafts. He kept saying it wasn't his fault but I have no problems since I did that but he keeps having them. I never touch the joint account so we both know now that it isn't me. But since I am on the joint account, I could be placed in Check Systems if he doesn't get the overdraft corrected. I think my next step is to withdraw from the joint account and let him figure it out. Honestly, I think he is just so tired he can't keep up with it. He is not using the machine to keep him from snoring anymore and he is constantly sleepy.

This bank business has been a problem for 33 years. He simply can't handle the bank accounts. A long time ago, after much trouble, he handed the finances over to me and we did well. In 1988 we were debt free and had perfect credit. In the last five or six years, he has suddenly started messing with the accounts and we keep having these problems. I'm too tired to deal with it anymore. So, I suspect we are in for a rousing storm at some point.

We still have perfect credit and are nearly free of all the credit debts. Living expenses are sky rocketing. We just have the house, car, and computer and my student loans. The computer will be done in six months unless that accursed car breaks down again. The student loans and car paid off in about two years. The house. . . well 14 years unless I come into a windfall that allows me to pay it off sooner. Not gonna happen.

We have been so financially strapped and he has had such catastrophic illnesses that the house has gone downhill quite a bit. I am probably going to try and put in a floor in the kitchen in the fall if I can save for it. I have cabinets in the garage to refinish and put up if they haven't rotted! But it takes more energy than I have at the moment to consider it. I will have to take at least a week off if I have it. Dave said he'd give me a hand ripping out the floor once we get to it. It will be a nightmare job because there are three floors down there. The there are countertops to figure out. That is something I haven't done. Wonder how that will work?

Tonight, I have taken my muscle relaxant. I didn't last night and we see where that got me. I had hoped to be able to work on my story, Mist, but I've just been so tired. I have been round catching up on reading new post by several people. Jilly is posting photos of her new grandbaby and he is so sweet. I had little boys and they are just so cute in their little pants and shirts. I don't know what her security level is but pop around and take a look at her little man. Babies are just so wonderful.

I've had a fun time with Sarah today, too. That little minx is talking up a storm! She is talking in sentences and it seems she doesn't stop. Mike was with her online tonight at her favorite website, and he had gone into where you can teach them to read. He was playing the story for her and in the story the dog was telling the cat to go away because he did not what her there. The cat asked, "Why not?" Sarah answer, "Because." Mike nearly flipped out. He called everyone down the hall and reran that section of the story and she did it again. It was so funny because he was just flabbergasted. But she does that all the time.

In the car today she pointed to the driver's seat. Her Daddy was driving and she said, "That's daddy's seat." Then to the passenger seat and said, "That's mommie's seat." Then she pointed to me and said, "That's Mawmaw's seat." We all just cracked up. Last week I told her hair was a mess and she repeated it. Now, when her hair is all in her face after a nap or when she gets up in the morning, she pushes it back with both hands and says, "Hair's a mess!" We never know what is going to come out of her mouth.

Well, I've done the grandma thing until I am sure you are all sick of it so I'll go. I have another book to read and I may just lie in bed for a bit and start it. Everyone have a lovely Sunday or if it is already Monday, have a great week ahead.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Things I've Done

I picked this up on my friend, Riete's blog. It looked interesting but let me tell you, I've had a difficult time with it! I'm really rather average!

Here's how it works. First, post 3 things you've done in your lifetime that you don't think anybody on your friends list has done. Then, see if anybody else responds with "I've done that. Finally, have your friends cut & paste this onto their page to see what unique things they've done in their life.

My three things are:

1. Climbed on top of the neighbor's house when I was three years old. (Got a spanking for that.)

2. Nearly jumped off a mountain in Bavaria. It was a lovely green hillside and I wanted to run up it. I decided I'd look foolish and decided to walk. Just at the top of the rise I stopped and found myself looking out into a valley. I looked over the edge. It was a long way down to a rocky ravine. Had to sit down for a bit. I was just 21.

3. Lived in two European countries and five American states in 15 years.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Reflections of My Father's Love

I always like to post things that are uplifting and encouraging. We live in such a darkening world, where the negative things are blared at us continually, from every media source. To find something positive takes a lot of effort.

This video was sent to me by my church's assistant pastor. It so eloquently defines the depth of a father's love for his son that I was stunned. And the clarity I felt as I relized that God loves us just this much. There is nothing He will not do to help us reach our potential. As you watch this father's efforts to complete this race, remember, you're in the chair and that's your heavenly Father behind you.

I can't post this in the video section because it is not hosted at one of the sites that Multiply has listed. You can read about this father and son team by following the second link.

Team Hoyt Story

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Everyone pop over and wish my friend, Jilly congrats. She is a grandma again for the second time! A little boy.

Best wishes to your family, Jilly and God's blessings on Evan!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend End

Here is is a rainy, cloudy Sunday afternoon. I have spent the morning in church. Jerry and I went to lunch and since I've been home, I've been on the phone with my Aunt. My mother is in the hospital again. Has been since Friday I believe. Seems her body became toxic and from her heart medicine. Never heard of this but they put her in with a heart rate of 20. It was 50 yesterday, after they took her off all meds to detox her. She is a diabetic as well and they started her on insulin to manage it until she could start taking her other medicine again.

I thought I'd drop by and read up on a few blogs.

Yesteray afternoon, Becca and I took Sarah to the park. She climbed the play ground quipment to slide down the spiral slide. That thing is about 10 feet tall! She peeped through the bars at the top of the platform and grinned at me and said, "Here I comes!" And she did, giggling all the way. Then climbed right back up.

She had never been in a sand box and the equipment is in this huge sandbox. She got interested in the texure and eventually, she got it in her hair and on her clothes. She likes to go barefoot so she tried digging her feet into it and found it fascinating that they disappear in the sand. When we got her home and in a bath, she had sand in her diaper.

We put her on the swing and she liked that, too. She also found it very funny that Maw Maw and Mama could both swing. To tell you the truth, I found it unpleasant! I always loved swinging as a child and a young mother. I could swing so high and I loved it. Not anymore. I got so dizzy and couldn't look at the ground at all. What a sissy! I don't love it less but it apparently doesn't like me. Still, only a few minutes was enough to impress Sarah.

The swings were stationed in a big box too but oddly, this one filled with tiny rounded pebbles! They were miserable to walk on with shoes and without, at least for me and Becca. Sarah acted like they were nothing. I told Becca it was probably because Sarah is light as a feather and probably floats on top of the things.She only weighs 20 lbs.

She had a great time at the park. After we went home and got her cleaned up, we all went to supper where she had center stage at Bob Evans. They brough our drinks and I order iced tea with lemon. (I forgot about the lemon video warning I have posted in the videos!) Becca took a slice of lemon and let Sarah taste it. She had the funniest look on her face. At first it was that look that says SOUR, but then, she had this funny puzzled look that said, "What in the world is that?" She began pointing and saying , "Pickle, pickle!" She loves pickles and they finally brought her some. But I am telling you, she would have eaten the lemon. Honestly, I love lemons, too. I sprinkle sugar on them and suck the juice out.

So that was my weekend. I'm very tired this afternoon and I really need to take a nap before church. I have a pot roast in the slow cooker that I put on last night. Becca said she will come over after church and fix some vegetables and we can eat a late supper. I had planned to eat it for lunch today but no one went to church but Jerry and I and we had half off coupons on our each of our meals so, I decided I could skip kitchen duty this afternoon. It was nice because some other folks from church asked us to join them and we had a good time.

So, here I am, looking outside at the gloomy day but the breeze blowing in the windows is absolutely wonderful. Thank God, I have not had to use the air conditioner for over a week now. I've been praying for the weather to stay mild so I could save on my energy cost and well, think what you want. I've managed nearly half the month with no air at all. Right now it is 76 F. on an overcast day with a breeze. I have two fans going and all windows up. It was storming when we came home after our lunch but that has stopped.

I am going to close for now. I want to lie down and relax before I have to go again. All of you take care and have a great week.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Worry, Worry, Worry

I wish I had a tonic or a charm that would just make all worry disappear. Really. I worry so much over every little thing and I know when I am doing it that it is not helping or fixing the problem. I just don't know how to stop it.

Despite the fact that I have used LESS energy this month, my bill is ridiculous. Gas for the car is costing me about $75 a week. I do not know how, once winter gets here, I am going to be able to keep cost down if the utility is getting a 50% rate hike. This is insane. It's natural gas, for heaven's sake. We don't import it! We have virutally an unlimited supply in this country because we take it right out of the ground! And the gas company vehicles are fueled by NATURAL GAS! They don't have to pay to ship it!

At this point, I'm about to get rid of the dryer. I can't afford it any longer. I'll just have to hang laundry out at night and take it in when I get home the next day. I turned off the air conditioner for most of the last month. So how is my bill higher? How could I possibly have used MORE electricity? I've changed all my light bulbs to florescent bulbs. I have virtually no incandesent lighting.

And if I'm going under, what's going to happen to my kids? I live in a small house and we can't all fit here but I can see it coming if something doesn't happen soon.

O.k., I know everyone has problems. I am sure everyone else is suffering, too. No wonder the Bible said that in the last days that men's hearts would stop because of fear. I can't imagine what the elderly, handicapped and low income families are going to do.

Maybe that isn't my problem. But I can't imagine my Sarah without heat in the winter or being too hot in the summer, or without lights or water.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


For those who have seen the Indiana Jones movie, here are a couple of sites that shows the scope of the falls in the movie.

Iguazu Falls
Iguazu National Park

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Welcome Back!

I have been kind of worried about one of my contacts and today, she popped back online. I am so glad she is back. Seems she was very ill for a while. She is one of my old Yahoo contacts who left before the ship began sinking and we kept in contact here and there. I was so glad when she showed up on Multiply. And I am really relieved she is all right.

So, welcome back, Annie!

Drop by and welcome Annie back at Grandmother's Home

Monday, June 9, 2008

This Place Looks Familiar. . . Oh, Right, Monday!

Yep. All day. Tomorrow is my "speech" day. Someone keep their fingers and toes crossed and say several prayers. I don't have a clue what to say to 100 people I don't know.

What a busy day I've had, too. I am so far behind on paperwork that I can't think straight! I stayed over an hour after work just to get 60 minutes of uninterrupted work done. I will take it off at the end of the week if all goes well. They won't pay me overtime and that's fine. A bit longer lunch hour or getting off a bit early is fine with me. I just need to get my work done.

I am really tired. I had plans tonight but the kids showed up and only just left 10 minutes ago. I really wish they wouldn't do that. I do enjoy having them around but I'm so tired I just wanted to relax and then go to bed. Now, I'll go to bed but it is late and I didnt' have any down time.

Storms are heading this way. I've shut off the air and opened windows with fans on each end of the house. We have to save whenever we can on the utility. Sarah found her one ring pool in the den and said "Cool, my cool." We took it in the back yard, poured about 8 gallons of warm water in it and she had a late night swim. Loved it. Sprinkle were falling but not enough to worry about. the air was a bit cooler but still warm. Thirty minutes in the "cool" then a dry off. I took photos but these are with my film camera and will need developing. I only have 10 rolls! I've decided to put them on disks so I can save on developing and utilize them in my albums. Far too many to get developed but this way I can pick the ones I like best and get them developed.

Well, bedtime is here. Hope you all have a great day, when it arrives in your part of the world. Remember at 9 a.m. central daylight time, I will be standing in front of 100 stranger to give a speech.

I'm pumped!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

This was very alarming to me.

This  was sent to me by an online aquaintence. It is frightening. It is not a joke. Watch. And warn.


A New Chapter of Mist

Alice, you will be happy to know that I put up the chapter tonight. You can go read it and smile. I was closer than I thought to being done with it. See, I did work on it while I was on vacation. I must have done more than even I realized on it. I don't actually remember writing it.

For those not in the know, Mist is a novel I've been writing. . . well, for a while. Alice and her sister, Nancy were reading it online. I have it posted in a private blog on Blogger. Nancy passed away last year but Alice has stuck with me. I've been otherwise occupied or else in too much pain to write for several months. Summer is here though and my pain seems to have become much more bearable. Anyway, I posted a chapter tonight.

You may find post on this blog talking about Mist. I believe there is a tag regarding it. Sorry, but the blog is private and by invitation only. I have limited it, at Alice's urging last year, due to copyright concerns. My original reader were 10 people on 360. Most of them no longer read it and are no longer even contacts. My dear Alice is no fair weather friend and she has stuck with me, prodding me every step of the way, as Nancy did. I miss Nancy and I know Alice does, too.

I would like to bring Mist to a close and I think I am almost there. I'm beginning to see throught the mist to the other side. In a perfect world, I'd be done before the next NaNoWriMo. If you aren't clear on that, please look for the tag regarding it. I believe I go on, ad nasuem about it somewhere in here. The tags for this post will bring up others.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Another Blown Saturday

I woke with a terrible headache this mornning. I took an Imitrex and waited for it to work. I ran over to Dave & Becca's and we went to get something to eat around two. We thought about a picnic in the park but it was so hot! It got up to the 90's today and this just the first week of June! I shudder to think of July and August. Afterward, I kept Sarah for several hours. I was so sick though, that I couldn't really enjoy her much. She played until she got tired and went off to sleep. I hope she sleeps tonight.

To top that off, we heard yesterday, that the power company is going give rate hike of 50% to consumers! The reason? A pay raise for their employees of $1 an hour. How nice for them! Power bills are running $300 and $400 for some families in 2 & 3 bedroom units! That means they will pay $450 & $600 after the hike! My God, these people are criminal! That is higher than the rent on some of their apartments.

We have people who can't pay the power bills and get their power shut off. For people on the housing assistance program, if that happens, the regulations say we must take their housing assistance away! I don't have a choice in the matter. But I can't imagine taking housing away from families and the elderly and disabled. They are on such small income, smaller than their power bills. I am so upset over the thought of it. Never mind how I will pay mine! I worry about David and Becca and Sarah. They have so little as it is and it is frightening. I can't continue to support everyone with the expenses getting so bad. And fuel for the car is just as bad. It is almost to expensive to go to work.

And still the oil companies reported profits in the billions, three digit in the billions! Greed. Raping of the poor.

Has no one at the top thought of what is going to happen when you wipe out the middle class? Who pays most of the taxes that support the government? Who provides stability to the economy? The instability we have is because those who used to spend, no longer have it to spend because we are giving it to the oil executives. Anyone reading history knows that these are conditions that have led to revolutions throughout time. You can't continue to make the rich richer and increase the number of poor.

Of course, Mr Obama is going to save us all and make us rich. Right.He's making the same promises that every democrate in history has made. Just wait for the tax hike to hit.

Ok, that's enough. I can't fix any of it.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Friendly Reminders

In light of the fact that I've been getting a lot of mail on Multiply, I feel it only fair to refer those sending invitations to the related posts. I do so merely as a convenience to me since I find repetition boring and time consuming.

I suggest reading them in the following order:

I hope no one is terribly offended afterward. Those on my list got here because of their quality or because I am related to them. Those who have left, I haven't missed.

And those who have been rejected were rejected because you simply didn't meet my criteria. It isn't personal. How could it be? I don't know you.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Good Night, Ladies and Any Sweet Princes

Sarah just left and she was not happy to go home. Maw maw is such a nice playmate, it seems. But she is so tired. Becca said I had huge circles under my eyes. Well. I usually do have circles under my eyes. Some kind of genetic thing I inherited but when I am this tired, I acquire the racoon look that was so popular in the 60's.

I'm off to bed and to work in the a.m. For those of you who pray, I'd be sincerely grateful for your prayers. I am really not rested enough but I do have to go back to work. I love the kind of work I've done this week but it is the work I go to tomorrow that draines me the most. So your prayers will be very much appreciated.

I am going to play catch-up this week on other blogs. Some of you have been mysteriously silent and have forced me to reconnoiter and see what has happened to you.

Sunday, Sunday...Comes Monday

O.k., it is all done. Vacation is over, building projects are over, and children have moved all their "stuff". I kept Sarah last night. We stayed up until about 11:30 and finally, we were just give out so, I got her to sleep and Jerry came in and I had him sit by her while I got my shower. She and I both went to bed.

Around 1 a.m., Jerry said Becca called and was going to pick Sarah up but he told her she might not want to do that since we had both crashed and were sound asleep. She told him no, she'd just get her sometime today. I called her around 11:00 and she said they had finally gone to bed about 8 a.m. this morning after having put all the kitchen stuff away.

We went to lunch but I'm so tired that I just wasn't very hungry. I am NOT doing anything else this afternoon. I'll be paying for this week for at least another week. The one good thing I came away with is I am confident that now I can refloor my kitchen and any other room I want. I now have the skills to work in complete home remodeling... I just don't have the energy!

How does one get one of those home makeovers they keep showing on these stupid shows?

Everyone have a great week and I hope to be back in form after I get a good rest. Tonight I'll have my bed all to myself... well, Jerry will be there but as tired as I am I doubt I'll notice so much.