Thursday, April 19, 2007

Just Another Thursday

I have been overwhelmed of late. Trying to keep up with things at home, posting to the other blog, bloging the draft of my story, and working full time. Now, I have started another pet project -- brushing up on my Spanish. To read the details of this follow the link to My Yahoo 360

I am behind in working on my story Hidden in the Mist and will probably get farther behind. I have company coming this weekend. My aunt and uncle from Atlanta will be here. It is always a pleasure to see them. They are the only relatives I have who actually visit me. You know who loves ya, baby.

My baby doll is over 7 months old now. She is growing and changing so much but she is still petite. Small feet and just now getting into clothes for 6 month olds. She had a bit of temper, we are discovering. I'm not sure, I don't recall the boys being exceptionally mean. I don't think they had a bad temper. David was a passive baby but he could go into a fit once in awhile. I will have to look at the baby book. I kept lots notes on them.

I have probably gained 10 pounds. I'm eating far too much junk food. Must stop that immediately! I am stressed and that is when I do that.

I've been trying to get the house refinanced and one bank refused because it was zoned incorrectly. It would cost over $900 to rezone it unless I could get the neighbors involved. I doubt I could. So, I called a mortgage broker and it appears to be going just fine, regardless of the zoning. Nearly finished with the application paperwork and I have sent all the required verifications of employment, banks, benefits etc.

I am not doing so good today. Had a fight with Mike off the bat. I told him to get out of the house by five pm today. He had tried to contact me via IM indicating he was not to blame, he's sorry, he had no place to go, etc. I told him before I left there are shelters. His job is terrible, he sits up all night, talks on the phone with bimbos all night and then won't get up and then is late for work all the time. So, I'd rather have him in a shelter than sponging off me.

So, I will now get to work and get my desk cleared off. It is just another Thursday in the rat race. Friday is in sight but still a long way off.