Saturday, May 5, 2007

Passing Through on the Way to the Shower

I wandered in again and decided to post something. I have finally managed to get the house refinanced. This will save me thousands in interest and eliminate two payments totaling $275 a month. It will only raise my house payment by about $60. But even it it was more, the interest on the second mortgage and on my credit card were over 100 a month. I feel I can breath a bit now.

Of course, the middle east will get a hefty cut of my pay as gas has not hit the $3.00 mark in Southern Indiana. How stupid that our country can't find an alternative fuel source. We would not need their oil. Of course, when politicians have their fingers in the oil pie, we don't dare bake another pie.

I'm headed for the shower after which I hope to clean my desk and sit down for me time. It hasn't been a good day off. Well, there is Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday to make up for it. We shall see.

Tomorrow we have bi-lingual service at church. We have some hispanic families coming and some of them speak no English. They are very nice. I've been trying to brush up on the Spanish from my college days. . . 10 years ago! Actually, I know a lot of words but stringing them together in a coherent sentence needs lots of work.

Back again soon. The shower beckons.