Monday, January 16, 2006

Time Dilation & The Dishes

I am not going to apologize! I have been truly busy and so I have no reason to feel guilty. But I do. I wanted to do this blog but it just is not going well. I can’t find time or I can’t find topic. Very annoying.

Today is a holiday and I am off from work. I have found that the amount of things I have to get done increases exponentially in direct proportion to the amount of time I have off work. I think it is in the opposite direction. So, I end up with more to do than I have time to do it.

I did manage to clean most of the house on Saturday and do laundry. But I have to do dishes from Saturday through Sunday. I don’t have a dishwasher. On Sunday I spend nearly 6 hours in church. We generally go out on Sunday to eat so I am home approximately 4 hours during which time I am tired and try to rest and prepare for evening service. There is about 2 hours spent on getting ready for each service and another hour in the evening getting ready for bed. Then I usually spend an hour or two on the computer. So that leaves about 8 hours for sleep maybe. Sunday is a busier day than any of my work days!

There has to be some law that governs this but I have not found it written down. I wonder if this is like what they call “time dilation”? You know, the idea that moving clocks move at a slower rate than stationery ones. This would have to be something similar. If anyone comes up with a name, let me know!

I have dropped off the history board so I will stop spending huge chunks of time on that. I liked it but one can only talk so much on a single topic before one becomes redundant. Redundancy is boring. I met some nice friends on the board and I hope they keep in contact. I just need the time spent there for other things.

I found out last week I am to be a grandmother. I will have to think about it and give another post on it. I have been trying to garner some excitement but have not managed to do it. There are reasons. One being that I feel much too young to be a grandmother.

Well, the dishes await and so does breakfast!

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Much Ado...

I am trying to find my way through the morass of internet entertainment I am now involved in and it is not easy. I spend about 2 hours answer things like email, groups I belong to, and this blog. I need to update two websites, the church site and my personal one.

It came to me in the evening yesterday that I might be spending valuable time posting to a blog, updating a site, and participating in banter on boards that could be better used in writing that novel I keep putting off working on. I do work on it but allow myself to be distracted. It is kinda hard to ignore someone wanting assistance to get up after back surgery. And the boss would not approve of my using job time to write my novel. At least. . . I don't think so. Mmmm.

Anyway, I am going to sit down and work out a plan. I have to limit something. Since I have an eight hour, five day a week job and have to keep house and have church a couple of times a week, I am going to have to work hard to find the extra time. Or I could let something go. Maybe I could give away someone.

What puzzles me is why, when it seems to be going well, and the writing is flowing, that I just get distracted with living and doing other things I find less enjoyable? I have no answer. I doubt anyone does. I don't know if it matters.

So, today it will be brief. I am tired of messing with all of the stupid things I mess with to no point. I am obviously looking for answers in the wrong place! If there are way to structure my time that will still leave me with an unstructured feeling I would love to know about it.

Sunday, January 1, 2006

Happy New Year!

I never make resolutions. I call them lies dressed in fancy clothes. But I would like to do a lot of things better next year.

I want to: pray more, go to church more, be kinder, love more, write more, travel more, sleep more, enjoy life more, be more compassionate.

Would those be resolutions? No. I don’t promise I will do any of those things. I just want to.

This comes as I have been pondering my Christianity lately. Several people have said some things in the last few months that really irked me. No, actually, I think they offended me. They also made me realize that I am not loud enough. So add, I want to be a louder Christian. Today, I am ranting and you don't have to like it or agree! Much of this was written as the new year came in so beware. If you are not a Christian, you might want to leave now.

No, I did not tell these people they offended me. They wouldn’t believe me nor would they care. They don’t want to hear what I think or what I have to say about my beliefs. My views, as a Christian, have no merit.

That is why I have a blog!

Here’s the thing that bugs me. Have you ever noticed how non-religious people love to rant about how wrong you are and how right they are and how they know exactly what is wrong with you and the world? How, if you would just listen to them, all your problems could be solved. And all your problems are religious.

Yet, when it is your turn to respond to their claims to try to explain how and why you think and believe the way you do they don’t want to listen to your response or your opinion. Because nothing you say could possibly be important, factual, good or right. You, the religious person, don’t know yourself because religion has blinded you to the real world and therefore, you must be told how to fix your life.

You, a religious person, could not possibly have the wisdom, the insight or the intelligence of non-religious people. Nothing you think or believe could be right because you are tainted . . . with religion. You, the religious person, must keep your mouth shut and listen to the elitist intellectuals. You, the religious person are an idiot and the non-religious is the only person with divine knowledge!

Check the barnyard because it is overflowing with that stuff.

Let me see now. Intolerance. They keep saying religious people (read Christians) are intolerant. I wonder now… my thesaurus and dictionary… wait, here it is:

Dictionary: Intolerant: Unwilling to tolerate differences in opinions or beliefs, especially religious beliefs. Unable or unwilling to endure or support[1]

Thesaurus: intolerant, close-minded, mean, narrow, narrow-minded, small, small-minded, unfair.


It crosses all genders, races, religions, nationalities, national and international borders and, educational levels. But wait!

Does the above described behavior sound like tolerance, the thing all non-religious people say they possess in vats?

Tolerance: 1. The capacity for or the practice of recognizing and respecting the beliefs or practices of others. [3]

Not agreement with or acceptance of, but recognizing and respecting the beliefs and practices. Wouldn’t you have to listen with courtesy and allow a difference of opinion to be called tolerant?

All right, now, let me clarify something else, for me if no one else. I was told not too long ago (by an imbecile of gargantuan proportions that I only know slightly) that Christians are responsible for all the wars. I did not respond because, well, how can you respond to such an idiot? That is just so strange.
Anyone read Foxx’s Book of Martyrs? I can’t relate the butchery the book relates nor the time span it covers. But the let me give you a clue, Christians are the ones being killed.

Wasn’t it the Christians who were fed to the lions in Rome just because they WERE Christians?

Then, there were the Protestant Christians who were burned at the stake, beheaded, drawn and quartered, boiled in oil, hacked to pieces, flayed alive, generally killed in the Inquisition in Spain and France, Britain and various other countries all over the known world have had similar purges. Why? For the European continent it frequently resulted when Protestants would not comply with the Roman Catholic Church, which during those times had become a political entity run by emperors and kings of those countries.

(Note: This is NOT a reflection on the current Catholic Church, which still has even more serious problems with its clergy than with the masses. They are not the only ones, all religions have similar problems because humans inhabit the churches and the pulpits. We are all trying to get to the same place but it is not easy for some of us. Gee, would that be a tolerant response?)

Russian Christians disappeared because they were religious and worshiped something besides the communist party! They were a threat to domination by a political machine. Even the Russians knew you couldn’t battle God so they just got rid of his agents. Happens all the time.

Hitler and his cronies killed more people in captivity than anyone in history! Six million Jews (a vast number of them believe in and worship One God but some were just Jews of no religious persuasion) and half as many Christians killed in the gas chambers of the Third Reich. He said it was because they were all intellectually inferior!

And please, let’s not forget the unholy war Islam has instigated against all Christians and Jews in the 21st century in an effort to exterminate them. They say so openly! No Christian group I can recall has ever done anything remotely like that.

However, this is not the first time Islam has done this. Byzantine ruler, Leo III, stopped the Muslim advance at Constantinople around 740 B.C. In France, Charles Martel led the battle and stopped them. Yes, it took a war of global proportions. Surprise! By the way, they were seeking world domination then, too. Yes, I heard about the Crusuades and it was the same war.

There have been a few “Christian” fringe groups out there with an insane leader wanting to take over the world, or his part of it. I think Waco comes to mind, and Jonestown. Does anyone who is a Christian really believe those people were practicing Christianity? Jones was drugged out of his mind and was certifiably psychotic. He had brainwashed hundreds of unfortunate dysfunctional followers. Some of his inner circle did actually get away. They didn’t like Kool-aide and had no brain to wash but they knew when to run.

As for Waco, the Federal Government came in and put a stop to that “Christian” group. Whether or not he was insane, Uncle Sam made an assault against a self-styled “Christian” group who had not made any serious threat against anyone outside the group. Still Uncle Sam had a duty to tell them what they believed and how they should behave because, well, a Christian group of any ilk couldn't actually know.

It was true that they had re-written the Book and set up their on version of Christianity. It didn’t match much of anything in THE BOOK. Of course, it wasn’t about that, because Uncle Sam was telling them that they were not thinking what they were thinking. They were thinking something else, and Uncle Sam knew what it was and it was wrong!

But the non-religious won’t let you say any of that, because they can read minds. They know what you are thinking. You aren’t thinking what you think you are thinking. You are thinking something else, and they know what it is and it is WRONG!

They have the answer to all of life’s problems. Since mostly un-Godly people have been in charge for most of civilized time, I’d say they have not gotten their message out very well. Of course, if you try to say differently, they will resort to belligerence or out-right violence. It's ok when non-religious people resort to violence. Because they have a good reason.

Give me a break.

Oh yes, I did not say non-Christian, I said un-Godly. You can call yourself a Christian and have absolutely NO Christ-like behavior or ideals whatsoever. I could name a roster full but that would just bore us all.

Now, I don't care if you agree or not. Your opinion has no bearing on my views and as such can have no valid point and so would be a waste of time for you to share it. I know exactly what you are thinking and you are wrong. No response is necessary.

You see, I am practicing my intolerance level. And I feel pretty good about it.

Seriously, have a Happy New Year!

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