Monday, January 22, 2007

That's The Way It Is

I was watching the news this morning and found that things must be really good. All they could come up with was a story of two young men who had been on American Idol. The "news" was that Simon had been exceptionally mean to them. Tell me, when did this stuff get to be "news"? Who cares? Simon is generally nasty. He is overcompensating for something he lacks in his life. That or he is just a nasty person in general. But really, do I care? Is that important enough to discuss for 15 minutes? I understand that during the second hour of the morning news show they were going to have the guys back on to answer questions from those who emailed or called in questions. I guess from people who really care about American Idol. Are those people really up at 7 a.m.?

So, if it is not news, what is it? Human interest? They didn't lose a body part. No one died. They weren't kidnapped. They weren't robbed. They were not physically attacked. They got their feelings hurt.

O.k. someone needs to pat these nice boys on the head and reassure them that that for the next 50 years someone will hurt their feelings about once a week. . . at least. They are in for a rude awakening. People are generally nasty to anyone who looks different, dresses differently, acts differently, speaks differently, and smells differently from what the masses think is normal. That pretty much means that the minority will always beat up on the majority. They think they are special.

Their experience must not have been very traumatic. They were on a hugely popular television show smiling and telling Simon what a naughty boy he had been. And they were planning their next "gig" on the View. They don't actually have it yet but they are optimistic. They have agents.

So, this is news?

Walter Cronkite, I miss you.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sick, Ticked, and Crazy

It is cold and I am sick. The three day weekend became a five day weekend because I am sick with a horrible cold. I finally went to the doctor yesterday and got meds only to find my doctor is no longer with the group. Now I have to find a new doctor and my insurance comes up for renewal/change in June which means I may have to find a new doctor!

They need to come up with something in this country whereby insurance companies and doctors cannot refuse patients. You should be able to see a licensed physican without having to get approval from the insurance company. Perhaps the government should come up with a cost sheet that restricts all doctors to the same basic charges and insurances companies as well.

This crap of having to change doctors every time your company changes insurances companies is stupid. I have had three doctors in 8 years, two of those in the last 4. It stinks. And now, none of the doctors I had are on my plan. So I have to start over and in June, if we change insurance companies, I will probably have to change again.

Obviously, when I am sick is not the time to discuss this stuff.

I started a fourth blog! How crazy does that make me. Of course, this one and one of the other's, Dark Mountain, have languished a bit. I keep the Yahoo 360 pretty busy but I started this forth one, Hidden in the Mist. It is a book that I started last year as some flash writing. I just started writing what came to mind. Got about 20 pages in and stopped. I don't really care for the story but suddenly, in the last month, more of it started pouring in and I started posting in on the 360 site. Next, I found a way to post a novel on blogspot that I kind of like. So, I am doing it.

Just cause.

Why don't I send my writing off to publish? Mainly because nothing is finished yet. If I get some good feedback maybe I will. I have actually got three things started. I have one with nearly 50,000 words and another with 33,000. And I am getting better at just doing it. I feel better about it. I think the NaNoWriMo thingy helped me get focused on the writing. I realized a lot of things about how and why I write. And I learned that I procrastinate when I get stumpped instead of pushing on. I have received some positive feedback on 360 with the current work but it isn't done yet and even when it is, it will require re-writing and editing. And I still don't actually like the story. That is crazy to me. But you know, I am actually felling good about the writing and just doing it is such a good feeling. Publish. . . whatever.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Lipstick, Lies, And Letters

I got another one today. You know, one of those warning letters from your friends, family and foes who want to see you die. It was warning me about the dangers of lead in lipstick. Apparently, lead in lipsticks causes cancer.

I truly appreciate the consideration of those who send me these emails. They are concerned for my welfare and safety. Except for the foes, they have other reasons. But honestly, I just wish they'd check out these things first, before forwarding it to me. It would save us both a lot of trouble. I will give you links further on that you can check if you don't believe me.

Let me just put the concerns to rest first. This is one of those false reports. It has a teensy bit of truth that is blown into a epidemic.

I will also alleviate any concern for my specific welfare. I don't wear lipstick. Constantly wearing lipstick actually makes your lips become paler. It acts as a sunblock. Sunlight is what puts the color in you skin and lips are skin. Of course, you should wear protection on your mouth to prevent windburn and sunburn if you will be out for extended periods of time but if it is ruby red lips you want, light is what you need. And it doesn't wash off.

Other things can also drain color from the skin. Extended prison stays will wash out the complexion and probably lips as well. I think they do give you an hour a day in the yard but I don't know if that is enough to make a difference. If any of you have this information I might actually like to know this. It would make a lot more interesting blog entry. Perhaps someone can weigh in on prison makeup tips.

Of course, if this little story were true, not wearing lipstick may have been the smartest thing I've ever done! Lead is not known to cause cancer but lead poisoning actually causes severe mental retardation in children and can cause other serious health issues in adults and children. But lipstick, well I suspect you'd have to consume tons to get a blip on the screening.

You can find it out for yourself, of course. I am including the link where you can verifiy this and all other urban ledgens and internet myths. or Please pass these links along to your friends. I am sure they are sick of these chain letter as well. I also did a search myself and came up with this result page . I found several interesting comments on this but ultimately, it is false.