Friday, July 22, 2011

Drama - Who Needs Television

I'm blogging and updating friends with this post. Not sure how it will work but we'll see.

My sister, Phyllis, had a procedure today to determine if there are any blockages of the ducts of her gall bladder. If there are, they must be removed. This is a painful and serious problem. The procedure revealed that there is a blockage. Tomorrow the same procedure will be done to remove the blockage. They use a different instrument next time. There is a risk with this step - it can cause pancreatitus if a stone gets in the pancreas or if they nick it with the instrument - so they don't like to use this instrument unless they are sure there is a blockage, ergo, same procedure done twice.

When she went to the ER on Wednesday night her blood sugar was 500 and she was in renal failure. Her liver enzymes were high, indicating a blockage from her gall bladder. Had she gone home instead of the ER she would have died.Yesterday, they had problems getting a vein to draw blood, finally having to disconnect her IV and draw blood from that needle. Her sugar fluctuated between 165 and 200 most of the day. Her liver enzymes were falling indicating that there was no blockage. But they had to see if there are any stones in the tube that drains the gall bladder. If there are, they must be removed before they removed the gall bladder. If a stone happens to get into the pancreas she can get pancreatitus. If it blocks the tubes, it also blocks liver ducts and her kidneys can fail. When there are no stones blocking the ducts, they can remove the gall bladder.

I'm told that Phyllis talked to her job today and they said her job was not in jeopardy and they were putting her on medical leave. They were very nice. I suspect that they listened to my recorded phone call from Wednesday night where I explained loudly what I thought, what I was going to do and how very much it was going to cost them before I was done. Maybe they didn't but I have the note from the check stub about her having no more time.  The gist of my message was that win or lose by the time I was done it was going to cost far more than a small company might be willing to pay. My message was that Phyllis and I both wanted to retire... NOW. Of course, maybe they didn't get that message.

I'm exhausted. Pain levels were up this morning everywhere but oddly, my feet are bother me less than anything else. Maybe not so oddly. My lower back and right leg were pretty bad last night. I took acetaminophen and nearly got an ice pack but I was so tired I did not want to get up and I went to sleep. That was a bit better this morning. All this garbage I take can kill you but acetaminophen works better on that back pain than anything. Weird.

Our youngest sister was having a fit because she wanted to tell our mother about Phyllis. Phyllis did not want this. If you knew our mother, the drama queen, you wouldn't question this. It is all about HER. Bill called me yesterday and said he'd talked to her and she was saying, "I'm sicker than I've ever been in my life." Whereupon she began to relate all her ills. This is her tag line. I intend to have it carved on her headstone. Unless I tattoo it on her forehead first!

Anyway, Roselynn was having a fit because "she has to live with this woman". She doesn't really live with her but she lives a good 15 miles away and feels responsible for her for some reason.  I personally don't care what they tell her or if they tell her. This is the woman who would not answer her phone when Phyllis called her for years! Why she'd care is beyond me but since she says she does they can tell her anything they want. My aunt was talking to Rose and I told her to tell her that but that under no circumstances was mother dearest to call that hospital and give Phyllis any whining, moaning, and poor little me garbage. Honestly, she'd try the patience of God. I ain't.

I've had a very bad week. In fact, my life has been pretty rotten for several years now. In the last couple of weeks I've chewed out more people than usualt. I'm getting tired of being a sweet magnolia, I guess. If things don't shape up, Dixie's gonna rise again. It won't be any prettier the second time.

I will update as time and energy permits.

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