Saturday, July 23, 2011

Start of a Day

I woke to temps in the 80's at around 8 a.m. I'm getting dressed in fits and starts. My aunt and uncle are on their way to the hospital and I'm going soon. We're going to have to trade off today staying over there. I can't sit for hours up there. I'm having pain in my lower back and right leg. The chairs are just miserable there and are probably the problem. So I'm going to have to figure out what to do.I tried standing last night and I think that's probably not the best idea. There are only two of us who can trade off so it probably is not going to matter much.

I don't know when they will do the procedure. I'm very concerned. I gather pancretitus is serious and painful. There is no one here to help me once they go home and I don't think she'd be able to work. I can only hope that the procedure to remove the stones is not a problem.

This is not to remove the gall bladder at this point. They can't remove that with stones in the duct. They have to get the stones out and then go back again and remove the gall bladder.

They are also going to test her for something called cetif or cediff. Not sure of the spelling. Causes diarrhea and other intestinal issues and is brought on by excessive use of antibiotics. Around the first of the year she has at least 4 rounds of them for a sinus infection and I told her then that was very bad for her. When she got sick this last week they gave her another round of antibiotics. I think that was the trigger to all of this. It is highly contagious, particularly to children. So we have to stay away from Sarah. I don't know how they treat that but we'll see if she has it first. I take a pro-biotic, acidophiles, every day so am not too worried. It is the bad bacteria in your stomach on steroids so to speak that causes the problem. Antibiotics kill the good bacteria and cause the bad to fluoresce. You're body is over run with it.

And I'm told can cause kidney problems, liver problems, etc

I've not looked any of this stuff up because, frankly, I've got enough worry on my plate in my own head and don't need to feed it. I'm sure it is all very bad.

So, gone for now. Just have to put on my top and shoes and gather my crochet, a book and anything else to get me through hours idleness.

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