Saturday, July 23, 2011

Long Day

I'm home. My aunt is staying at the hospital tonight and I'll stay tomorrow.

The procedure was unsuccessful at removing the gall stone. They had to put a stint in to allow the gall bladder and liver to drain. They had to make a small incision and put the stint next to the stone. They will give her bile salts to try and dissolve the other smaller stones they said are in the bladder and they hope the stint will rub against the large blocking stone and that with the salt could break it down enough to pass it. She has to have the procedure done again in six weeks!

We were all simply stunned and so upset. And when she came around she ask me and I had to tell her no. She cried and said she was tired and wanted it over. She is so scared and there are so many things all at once happening to her. And the cost is weighing heavily on her mind.

Her blood sugar is hovering around 165 + or -. And her kidney's were at 4.7 on Wednesday night but are now at 3.7. A small but good drop. But they must be better before they can treat anything else.

They say in six weeks she has to have the same procedure done again. She also has c diff and they've started treatment for that but we've all been exposed and if we show symptoms we all have to be treated.

So... that is the current state of affairs. It's been a long day. I'm tired. Good night.

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