Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stormy Weather

It is pouring down rain, has been for several hours now. My back has just been terribly painful. I said this weekend I thought my pain levels were usually weather related. I was waiting to see if I was right. I came home at noon and didn't go back to work. I put Biofreeze on it and I sat in a chair and slept for an hour after I came in. I guess I was tired. When I got up I got two ice packs out of the freezer and put them in a towel, positioned so they were on each side of my back where the muscles lie on either side of the spine and cover the rib cage. Those are large muscles. Then, I lay down on them and went to sleep. I woke up and my back was numb. Actually it was a bit better, which surprised me since most people say put heat on on it.

At the moment, I'm so-so. I forgot to take my doxepin so sleep tonight might be a problem. But I think I'll take a couple of benedryl if it is. I'm having mild allergy symptoms for a few days now.

I called Carolyn tonight. Her husband, also named Jerry, came through the surgery just fine and today is doing pretty good. They told her that when they got in there to take that hip joint out it fell apart. They didn't see how he was functioning. I told her "Well, he wasn't!" He'd had back surgery before to try and help his problem because they "thought" it was his back. I guess they were wrong. He always believed it was his hip. At any rate, she said he's doing good.

I'm headed off now. I'm going to have a sewing tutorial on how to make those gathered skirts without a pattern I hope, by the weekend. I'm going to have to be careful the rest of the week because I think leaning over the machine has strained my back. I'm fairly certain it is the big boobs that are the problem. I'm carrying 20 lbs around on my chest. But unless the doctor says it is medically necessary, they aren't going anywhere. Still, I suspect I need a reduction. It seems to be where I gain weight now-a-days. It is getting difficult.

Hope your week ends better than mine has started. I hope the rain cools us off rather than boils us. When I stepped out a while ago it was so hot and humid and pouring! Had I more trees I'd have sworn I was in the rain forest!

Ta everyone!

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