Saturday, July 9, 2011

Another Saturday Whirl

I woke up late because I stayed up late last night and I paid the price! I hurt every single place. The clock went off around 8:30 and I staggered to the kitchen for a cup 'o joe. I staggered back to my bedroom and took my meds and then staggered back to the living room to lie down on the sofa and promptly fall back asleep. I slept until about 9:30 and awoke still in pain to a cold cup of coffee.

I still ached pretty much everywhere and there wasn't a dark cloud in sight. Still weather changes seem to follow such pain so I'll be watching. I put off going after Mike until nearly noon despite his calling wanting me to take him to the grocery store.

Instead I sat down and worked on another skort for Sarah. I did the shorts and stopped long enough to go get Mike, take a trip to Lowe's for Round-up and while there found a simply smashing curtain rod for $2! And it had these matching "tie" back things you attach to the wall to tie back the curtain, also $2. It had "Kids" on it meaning it was for a child's room but it is silver with pink and blue "gems" on the finials. Really pretty and not so much kid looking as feminine. They had two but I only have one room with one window in mind and that is the guest room with the new curtains. Next for that room I'll have to buy paint and put in carpet. It is going to be a nice little room when I'm done.

Must get the excess furniture out first!

While we were out we had lunch at Penn Station. Then I had to get my mower out from repair. We got back to the house around 3 and Mike set about cutting the yard. He worked about 15 minutes and took a break of about 20! He worked 15 minutes and took another break of about 20. It took him 4 hours to cut this yard. Yes, it was hot. Yes, it is a big yard. But I've done it in hotter weather and half the the time. The key is lots of water and limited breaks. I was so frustrated with him for taking so long. I told him I was NOT going to the grocery store at 7 p.m. He could wait for another day.

While he cut the yard I worked on Sarah's skort. I got the skirt nearly done and realized that this was a really pretty skirt! So, skort idea out the window. She can use the shorts for something else. I don't like making them anyway. They're rather boring and I spent years making shorts and pants for boys. I have only to put elastic in the skirt and the short waistbands and I'm done with them. Yes, there will be photos. I'm posting them here but the videos will be in my sewing blog on blogger after I put them on Youtube.

I managed to hound Mike until he got his bath and I took him home. I came back, by way of CVS Pharmacy to pick up meds, and scrambled some eggs. I do scrambled eggs exceptionally well, light, fluffy, and not hard. I had that, two pieces of toast with a light spread of Strawberry jam, and a glass of the coldest milk I can remember, just the way I like it. Saturday turned upside down!

Now, I've had my shower and am about to embark on on my vessel to the land of Nod where I shall lie blissfully in the arms of Morpheus. Well, after I've rolled my hair and brushed my teeth.

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