Monday, July 25, 2011

Update on Phyllis' Condition

The doctor came in today and Aunt Phillis called me with a report,
which I will deliver here. My sister Phyllis' condition is improving
and she may go home from the hospital in a couple of days, if not
tomorrow. Her kidney function is improving steadily. Ideally they want
it at 0.7 and she has a whole point at least to go. While the blood
sugar is still a bit high, it will get better once the diarrhea from
the C. diff is under control and she can eat real food ad monitor it.
That is improving as well.

They were able to put another IV line in again today. Not sure how
long it will last. All the veins in her arms have been unusable with
the IV's after a couple of days. She has some really ugly black and
blue marks.

She has to go back in 6 weeks to so they can see if the blocked gall
bladder is unblocked or they can get the stone out. They are giving
her bile salts to try and "melt" the small stone and help loosen the
large one that blocked the duct. They put the stint in and it appears
to be working to drain the gall bladder and liver. This is important.

I don't know yet if she wants to go to her house or mine until she
gets well. I'm concerned about it but she has to make the decision.
Aunt Phillis will stay over a few days to act as nurse while I am at
work. I don't know how we would have managed without her and uncle
Dale this week. I simply could not be everywhere and I couldn't take
off work. I certainly couldn't have stayed at the hospital ever
minute. We've managed to be there around the clock for the first three
days. Last night we all came back to the house for the first time
since last Wednesday.

Thank you to everyone who called, prayed, and came by to visit. I know
she appreciated it. To my blog friends, once again you have proven the
best friends.

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