Monday, July 11, 2011

A Lunch Break

I am home for lunch today. Carolyn's husband is having hip replacement surgery today and she will be out all week. So, my lunch hours will be alone and probably at home, which I actually find I like. I take it much later when I go alone because it makes my afternoon go much quicker.

My pain is a bit better today, all but my upper back. The muscles in that part of my back are just screaming. I think I am going to have to stop sitting on the sofa to do any computer work. And I must find a better seat for sewing. I'm a bit low on my current chair I think. All of which I believe has lead to strained back muscles.

I was looking at Jilly's blog and she is just whizzing along with all these crafts. She is really catching on to the sewing, too. Of course, I've always told people it is very easy to learn, not quick, mind you, but easy to learn. Once you get the basics, you've got it licked. I miss not having the time to do all the things I want to do. But I'm truly glad I bought that new machine. I have so enjoyed using it and just sewing again gives me a lot of pleasure. My Sarah will be the best dressed kid in day care! LOL, Becca always dresses her nicely and fixes her hair. People say they always look forward to seeing what she'll have on next. She is a bit like dressing a doll. An 18 inch waist!

I've bee posting my videos to You-Tube this week. It is so much easier than multiply and way faster! And I can use them on the other blogs instead of having to load them up more than once. Just have to keep them below 15 minutes.

It is currently 97F here. When I got in my car it said it was 102F! I guess it was reading the internal temp of the car. Of course, it could be 102F. At these temperature ranges, there is very little difference.

Ok, time to get ready to head back. Just wanted to stop in while I had a chance. Not sure what I'll be doing tonight.

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