Friday, July 29, 2011

Odd Balls and Idiots

I'm always amazed at the odd things that happen to people. Not me,
mind you. Thank goodness. No, other folks. Like this fellow who was
was found recently. This isn't the first time I've heard of this
happening. Still, I'm curious to know what he was thinking. We shall
never know for certain. I suppose he thought he'd get out as easy as
he got in.

And what about this one?

What was she doing up there? Was it a fig tree? Did she need the
leaves for something she was designing?

I like this one. Please note the second sentence of the second
paragraph.The aren't sure?

The next one puzzles me as much as the first. What was she thinking?

Here we have a sad case but still, how does such things happen? People
complained, no one listened, now they make it sound as if they didn't
complain loudly enough? Obviously, the surviving man is disturbed but
how in the world can one over look a corpse in the living room?

This lady apparently stores former boyfriends. I want to know if the
current one knew about the last one.

I wondered just how strange life can get after reading the first
story. I'm now certain that truth is far stranger and aberrational
than fiction.

People, a lot of people, are crazy.

I feel very normal.

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