Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Roundup

I'm about to go to bed and figured it was time to do a blog. I haven't been around much, except to read blogs, for a bit. I'm getting them in my email because I can't get on Multiply from work. It's ok but I can't see photos that way so I still follow up once I get home. Still, I just haven't had the motivation or time to blog.

I haven't sewn all week. I've been getting to bed by 11:00 most nights and I've had less pain. Not sure if it is the sleep o the weather, which has been rotten for 24 hours. No idea about tomorrow.

I have some things I'd like to do but already Mike has called for me to come get him. I'm tired of doing this Saturday dance every single weekend. I told him it would be late tomorrow before I can pick him up. Again, he needs groceries but I just want a weekend to rest.

Sarah asked if she come back over tomorrow afternoon. I told her yes. She was here a bit tonight so Dave and Becca could go somewhere together. They don't get to do that a whole lot unless I keep Sarah. She was good as gold but a real handful to boot. She talked non-stop.

I don't know where she gets it from. And I had a house full of superheros. Batman, Superman, Ironman, Spiderman, and a fella called Sonic. According to Sarah, they were our Guess. I told her that was find but they better behave themselves. No climbing the walls, which the promptly did. They were quite but then, I doubt they could get a word in edgewise with Sarah around.

I've trying to put my second fabric video on my sewing blog but something has happened since I did the first one and it won't load. I'm uploading it to YouTube to see if I can do it then. I think I can but not sure.

The house is relatively clean but I've ask Sue to come clean for me next Friday. She moved back and she is just the best cleaner. So, I'm not going to kill myself cleaning this weekend. I'm going to do what I want to do and just keep it tidy. She'll do a thorough cleaning on the 15th. She likes it, needs the money and I need the help. My house will smell so good when she is done!

I got a call today and my mower is ready to pick up. So, I think that will be a project for Mike to help me with tomorrow. Good thing since Phyllis' mower has a wheel broken. I'm also going to buy some more Roundup to kill the rest of that mess in my fence. I've got some more gift card money for Lowe's and I have several items I need.

I've done NO writing. It just isn't happening. I don't know why. I'm depressed about it. I just don't do it and find ways to avoid it. No, I'm angry about it. I don't know if I care anymore. I'm going to pour myself in the the sewing and get all that fabric out of here.

Oh, get this, I mentioned my new machine at work and a woman there said, "OH, I have some things I need altered. I'll bring them to you! Do you do alterations?" I said that I had not done alterations. I told her altering a garment you had not made was different from making a garment. It was harder.She waved a hand and said, "Well, if you can make a something you can alter it. I'll bring something that won't matter if you mess it up."

I kid you not. She never asked me if I wanted to do them. I wish I could give you a number as to how many times I've had this happen. This is the second person at work to do this. They don't even ask! They just tell me, as if I have all this time to do their sewing!

O.k. I'm headed to bed. I've vented enough. It is now way past my allotted bed time.

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