Monday, August 1, 2011

Week Begins

Monday again and I'm set to leave for work in roughly 20 minutes, enough time for a blog.

We, meaning me, Mike and Phyllis, went to church yesterday and it was nice to be back. I woke feeling better than I had in weeks. We went to lunch afterward and came home around 1:30. I was exhausted for some reason and went to bed immediately. I watched a few shows but my head neck had begun to hurt a bit. I took a nap only to wake around 4 p.m. with a migraine. I finally too an imetrix and applied an ice pack. Around 7 p.m. the headache was gone. We did not go to church. I went back to bed, still tired and watched t.v. shows until around 11 when I felt so sleepy I couldn't stay awake.

This morning, my head feels as if it might like to hurt again. I hope not. The one yesterday was the first in a long time but fall is probably upon us and that is usually the very worst time of year for my headaches.

I wish it would rain. It is hot and dry and just all around unpleasant. I have not been able to sit outside all summer because of it. No point in having a nice porch or patio in this weather.

Now I'm about to dash off to work. I never look forward to it. Thirteen years at this job this year. Seven doesn't sound like a long time and I know it probably won't be but I'll be 62 if God allows me to live that long. I don't think about it. Jerry and I talked about the things we would like to do once he retired. He was seven years older so would get there first and he liked pointing it out. But it never happened. So, I try not to think that far ahead.

Time to leave. Do try and stay cool if your weather is like the mid-west weather. Currently, it is 73 outside but the house is not very cool.

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