Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blood Work

Went to the doctor today for a review of my blood work. Yep, no other reason. This doctor does such a through job of blood work. I don't think there was a test she left out. A full profile. Four pages of stuff! I have copies.

It wasn't really good. My cholesterol didn't look terrible on the normal test but there is apparently a new test she had done. She said she had not heard of it until recently herself. My numbers are horrendous. Well, that's typical for my problems.

Triglycerides were at 397 - I've seen it much much worse so I wasn't shocked at all by that. I have been over 700 after I got a steroid and it took three years to get it below 500.

Thyroid THS 3 & 4 were just fine so that was a relief.

My D levels had dropped, despite taking the same dose the other doctor prescribed two years ago. He never checked it again. I have to take, brace yourself, 20,000 iu for two weeks, then 10,000 iu for two weeks, and then 5,000 every day thereafter. I also have to take 30 gm of flax oil three times a day and 100 mg of CoQ10 a day.

She thinks I'm not eating ENOUGH! I weight... well close enough to 200lbs to wink. And I'm not eating enough?

My blood sugar readings? Perfectly normal. Yes. Normal.

But, here's the kicker, normal blood sugar readings do not mean you do not have a blood sugar disorder. My insulin levels are way too high. Too much insulin causes PCOS. It causes inflammation in the body as well, things like arthritis, and other inflammatory disorders and fatigue. So, some of my problems of recent months that have become worse are made clearer.

You become truly diabetic when you run out of insulin... from a worn out pancreas.

So, I am to eat absolutely no sugar, no bread, no pasta, no peas, no corn, no root vegetables of any kind. None, nada. I am to eat only proteins at every meal and green stuff. I think I can have fruits but maybe not. Have to verify that.

Adkins diet if I ever heard it. She says I go back in a month to see how things are going. I do not care for meat in large quantities but she said I could eat nuts for the protein. I went to the store and bought chicken and pork chops. I love pork chops and can eat all I want within my calorie range. I don't like beef a lot. So, with no bread I'll not be eating that. I don't like steak either or pot roast. I do like a stew beef now and then but mostly the soup and vegetables so will fix that too.

I went to buy nuts, without salt if possible. I read the labels. Soy, wheat, gluten. Why? I want nuts. How hard is it to package a nut without all that junk? What is the point of it? Wheat in nuts? What tree do they grow on? The jar said cashews. Not mixed nuts. Cashews. That was the Wal-mart brand AND the Diamond Brand. I checked Planters. Just nuts. Nothing else. And I paid more for just nuts.

IF you are gluten sensitive or allergic to wheat and you thought you were getting just nuts......

I had scrambled eggs and fried sausage for supper and ice cold milk. {shrug} I'm don't feel as tired at the moment as I've felt for days.

Who knew I was a hunter gather type!

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