Thursday, August 18, 2011

Inmates Congregate

Writers' Asylum Inmates gathered tonight in the sitting room to stare at the yellow walls. They're yellow to brighten the place up. No one appeared to be in charge but everyone showed up! All appeared properly sedated... or exhausted from the days activities. Pastry was served in the kitchen with all sharp objects safely tucked away. So much so that several Inmate has trouble locating a fork. . . for the pastry.

Loraine is painting. Not art...her house. So writing is, at the moment, not. She shared a beautiful photo she took of the mountains of Tennessee where she has spent her summer. She's had it blown up and ready to hang. It was lovely.

The younger set was in rare form. Cassie and Melina both were in great spirits and filled with lots of energy that the older inmates, me in particular, found charming. I am envious!

Good... no wonderful news? The Writer's Asylum is thrilled to announce that Kathy's book is on Amazon and Smash  Words for sale in the ebook for $2.99. Here's the link at Amazon: Tansy Taylor: Paranormal PI

We've all put our order in for hard copies... autographs, you know.

And now the Inmates have disbanded and all returned to their cells for the evening.

Lock the gates, Igor.

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