Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Middle of the Week

I am really not doing so well with the titles. Very bland and boring. But then, so is life at the moment. I so need some kind of break to recharge but it isn't coming anytime soon. The weather is just lovely at the moment and it would be nice to take time off.... if I had some. I had 30 hours last week available to use but I had to be out one day because of the air conditioner. So that cuts into it. I get 13 hrs a month so if I could go four months without have a problem, I'd be good.

I just got back from lunch and am dreading the afternoon. I am just so tired. I have been for a few days. I'm having problems with mild pain, dry, itchy eyes, and runny nose. Believe it or not, all but the runny nose is symptomatic of RA. My eyes were red as fire when I got up this morning and stung. I just use water to was them out with but I've had to problem before.

I've been putting all my appointments in my google calendar. I have an app with my printer that allows me to print out my schedule. I'm going to see how it works. Once I started putting them all in I was astonished. I have two calenders I use. One is the asylum calender of meetings and assignments and the other is my personal calender where I schedule everything else so I can have reminders sent to my phone and email. It is so helpful to have that feature and it cost nothing. I've not used it for work stuff before but now I'm putting that in there, too. If it means I get something off my desk, I'm all for it. I have a Day Timer planner and I like it but I suspect it is on its way out if this works. I use it but is is cumbersome to carry to all my appointments. Combined, the two calenders are packed.

I've been sold on Google calender for a while now. I don't forget appointments I put in it because I can set as many reminders as I want to be sent as many different ways as I want. SMS to my phone, email, and a pop up on my computer!

I now have several swiffer socks crocheted to give to the church to sell to raise money for the building fund. I'm going to look for some other easy crafts to do.

Oops, I need to get to work. Lunch is over!

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