Monday, August 22, 2011

The Impact of Soy on Your Thyroid

My advice here is as usual. Don't put things in your mouth that you have not investigated carefully. Long before it became food in the US, soy began as a machine lubricant. Now it is being fed to us more than you may be aware. If you are one of those who consume soy, continue if you wish but before you do, read carefully about the potential effects of putting it in your body. There are two sides to the argument, as usual.

Soy and the Thyroid
Do Soy Foods negatively Affect Your Thyroid?
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Soy Foods and Thyroid
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These are only a few of the articles. You can pick which side you want to take but if you have a history of thyroid problems or suspect thyroid problems, use caution. So, read up and make an informed decision. They are putting it in hundreds of food items and we are consuming more and more.

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