Thursday, January 8, 2009


Tomorrow is Friday and I can't wait. What a week! I'm better but I've been treading lightly with this neck and shoulder. Just lay on the couch propped strategically on a pillow.

I'm a bit depressed tonight and not going to post much. I just wanted to let you all know I'm a bit better. Thanks so much for the concern expressed by all of you.

No writing this week, I'm afraid, Alice. It was more than I could deal with after a day at work and the pain levels. I'm still having joint and tissue pain all over but the neck is much improved and shoulder is not so bad. If I can keep the migraine at bay I'll manage. I'm on my way to bed now.

Have a good week, what's left of it. Say a prayer for my friend, Lisa. She's going through a difficult time with her children right now. They're being juveniles and she's hurt by their actions.

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