Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Major Paine. . . Oh, That's Pain!

I left work early with a serious migraine. Did not get the med until too late, after lunch. I left at two and came home. Slept all afternoon, off and on. Woke between five and six. Showered and lay on the couch watching videos of Dark Shadows I checked out of the library. Took a second Imitrex around seven or eight.

I've been hurting for two or three days and today it sky rocketed with this headache. On my way to bed now but wanted to stop in to say good night. I HOPE it will be a good night. I took my muscle relaxant. Lots of shoulder joint pain, leg pain and hands.

Just pray for me. The weather is a bitch. Pardon my language but that is about the most truth you'll find on the planet tonight. I say it in sincere honest. And she's killing me.

Night and not good.

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