Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cleaning Demons

I need about three of them. Well, I'd rather have cleaning angels if there is such a thing. I've no idea where the term cleaning demon comes from and am too tired to look it up. This cold makes me tired and I've been cleaning since I got up, well, actually, I started after I paid bills. That's exhausting work in and of itself.

Anyway, I took down my curtains in the study and tossed them in the dryer to shake out the dust and I washed the sheers so they would be clean and dust free. I wiped down the window frames, too as the dust had been hiding quite effectively there. I realized at that point exactly what a cleaning demon is and how easy it is to let them get out of control. I had to force myself to stay on track or end up all over the house cleaning in spots that caught my eye.

I had to stop and take Jerry to work, take Mike to the second hand store see if they had a sofa he could buy with his voucher. They didn't so we try again in a week. I went to the bread store and picked up a load of bread. Now, I'm waiting for the second set of curtains to shake out and my small lunch to warm up.

I know this is the absolutely most boring post I have ever read. But I honestly feel my brain is fried. I am going to sit down with food and listen to another episode of my pod-cast The Murder at Avedon Hill, by P. G. Holyfield. This is a free pod-cast of a novel and I am really into it now and enjoying it. I had no idea there were so many free pod-cast out there but there are. This is certainly worth it. I can sit here and do other things like clean shelves or even crochet if I wanted to while it plays. Once I'm done with this I think I will be listening to the old radio shows again until I find something else like this novel.

Now, I'm off for a bit. I think the lack of content is probably due to the amount of time I've been spending on here. And I have really fell off in the constructive writing.

Wake up and get busy now with something more interesting. Hope you are all having a lovely day. The sun is beautiful today but it is 29 degrees and colder than a well digger's ankles.

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