Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hie Ho, Hie Ho. . . In Rain or Sleet or Snow

Yes, folks. I am at work today. I woke up to about three or four inches of ice, not snow and slid gracefully out of my drive and to work without mishap. Thank you, Lord!

It is cold and nasty. The stuff falling now is neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow but somewhere in the middle. When it hits you it make a kind of plop and then it is cold and wet. I suspect after dark this will make a sort of hard frosting on the ice pellets on the ground. Lovely!

I was so sick all weekend. This is a nasty cold. I finally had to break down this morning and take my last Imitrex. I stopped at the pharmacy on the way to work and had it refilled. I wasn't sure one would do it. I've battled a headache all weekend but it wasn't like a migraine. It was all in my forehead and just pounded when I coughed. Tylenol helped a bit and actually relieved my very sore shoulder joint. LOL! The doctor has me scheduled for physical therapy for that shoulder! It's almost completely pain free now.

I did have sense enough to bring my lunch in today. I've just finished a ham sandwich and a blueberry muffin. I also brought my Bible with me so I could keep up with my readings. I believe I mentioned once before that I am trying to read it through again this year. I always start well but get off track at about three months. So, I'm taking extra steps to prevent any lags.

I do think anyone who says they are educated should read the Bible at least one time. Not just because you are a Christian. Much of the developed world has societies based on the principles and formulas found in the Bible. The King James Version of the Bible is a beautifully written text and the English language takes quotes from it and they are still in use today. Did you know that "by the skin of my teeth" comes from the Bible? Yep, the book of Job. Hmm, maybe I'll do a post sometime of the strange and enduring phrases that we English speaking folks get from the Good Book. If I can remember the all!

It is true that the language is dated and often difficult for many to read but this is only because education had fallen short of teaching the language to begin with. But there are more modern translations that are easier to read. And there are these things called dictionaries that are a tremendous help! Also, there is a great deal of wisdom to be found in the pages of the Bible. My grandmother used to say that if you had a question about life the answer could always be found in the Bible. I've never found that to be untrue. It covers just about every conceivable dysfunction known to man from psychotics to murderous children, to rebellious teenagers and adulterous spouses. And when society was following the ten commandments the world was a safer place.

Now I'll get hate male from weirdos.

O.k. I'm running out of lunch hour now so I have to get off here. Hope you all have a good day free from ice and cold. Well, at least ice!

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