Monday, January 19, 2009

A Hose Runs Through It?

All done. I remember nothing. I've ordered a barrel of whatever drug they gave me to make me sleep. It was the best sleep I've ever had! I want more. What's more, I passed my test. Clean as a whistle and with all the air they left inside, I'm surprised I didn't get a whistle to boot. Jilly, never fear. The worst part of this procedure is the stuff they make you drink the night before. {shudder}

Doctor did say I need to add more fiber to my diet. I have some "weak" areas called pockets in my colon where things like nuts or seeds can get hung up and they can become infected. That's bad. Particularly since I love nuts and things with seeds. So, he confirmed the diagnosis. Diverticulosus. I told him that meant I was old. He said it usually happens to people about my age! {spit, sputter, huff, puff} People my age? And what age is that? I'm only 52 for heaven's sake. That comment makes it sound like you're ready for a rocker. Why don't they say something like, "Well we begin to see this process around age 45 or 50. Nothing to worry about, just take extra fiber."

I'm ONLY 52! That is not old. Besides, it is a misprint made by one of God's secretaries. I'm actually 25.

For lunch I got the Sonic burger and fries!! And I just had that cup of hazelnut coffee and the Oreo's! Oh, my was it good. I'm ready to continue my nap now. Later I'll put my eyes back on, my support hose on, and my teeth back in...... grrrrrr.

O.k. and I promise Alice that tonight I'll start the next chapter of Mist and try and finish the next one of Winter.

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