Sunday, January 4, 2009

Coming Up With Ideas

Sometimes when I sit down here there are just no words and no ideas to put on the screen. My mind is as blank as the page before me. I'm annoyed today. I was going to go to church this morning but we were so late getting to bed that both of us were wiped out. Jerry worked until 9:30 and we took Sarah to see the Festival of Lights. We had to rush because they stop at 10 p.m. Today is the last day of it and we wanted her to see them. Garvin Park is filled with light displays every Christmas for about a month and the proceeds go to the United Way. It $7-$10 per car load depending on the size of the vehicle I guess. You can get a carriage ride too from downtown through the park and back for about $35 but I'm telling you, it is cooooold. I'd like it but not on a rainy or cold night. Anyway, she loved them. Kept saying "Oooooo, it's so pretty."

When we got home we fixed something to eat and played with her but it was midnight before they came and got her. I told him no more. If he wants to visit, he has to get up and go see her before work. I can't keep hours like that and get up early the next day. So, another day of church missed. I'm getting tired of it.

I'm having some pain this morningm too. Oh, who am I kidding! I'm having lots of pain! My hands feel swollen and tight and the joints hurt. My knees hurt and my lower back. My shoulder joints are really painful. Oddly, my neck is only mildly painful from sleeping on my left side. I've tried everything to alleviate that. I wake up when I roll over and get my pillow to support my head but it doesn't really help. It is sleeping on that shoulder that aggravates the pain.

So, I'm a ball of pain. None of it will stop me, of course. I still have to do things. I had a massage yesterday afternoon and felt better for it but it never last. Jerry bought that for me for Christmas. It was at a place I had not been before and I won't go back. The gift was $35 for half hour but I usually schedule an hour and pay the difference where I normally go and an hour is $60 so I just end up paying and extra $25. Well, these people charged me another $35 for a second half hour session! They made an extra $10 off me. When I scheduled it they didn't tell me that or I'd have just gone with the half hour and next time back to my old place.

I stopped here long enough to eat a biscuit and gravy and get a fresh cup of joe. I found some really wonderful gravy mix at Wal-Mart. It makes the breakfast gravy you get at restaurants! Pioneer Brand Country Gravy Mix. It is a very large box and will last a long time for just us but it is a nice change for breakfast. And this stuff is delicious! Scramble up some eggs, fix a bowl of grits and a biscuit and gravy. Heart attack here I come? Well, I won't be eating that every morning, I can assure you. I'd have to get up and fix it! I made some last night and put it in the refrigerator so I know it keeps wel. But unlike my friend Jilly, whose husband fixes and serves her breakfast in bed, I fear my spouse is of the more garden variety. Actually, more of a weed in this respect. He does bring me coffee every morning while I'm getting dressed for work or church. I like that because it saves me time but it also is a nice gesture.

I seem to have solved my idea problem so I'll be going now. I'm going to call up Samantha and Alex (Mist and Winter) and see which of those girls will talk to me. You know, sometimes, they're just down right rude.

Have a wonderful day!

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