Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Drive By Hi!

I am just stopping to dash off a note. I am at work. Just got out of court. I was subpoenaed for a rent and damage hearing against one of my clients. Let me just say, I hate lawyers on general principles. I'm sure there are some sincerely dedicated lawyers but my experience is that most are obnoxious, rude boors. The plaintiff's attorney was the rudest man. Understand these are not MY lawyers but the lawyers for the tenant and the landlord.

Well, started that yesterday and never got back to it! My whole day was like that. After work I went to Mike's to fix his mouse on his computer and didn't get home until 7 p.m. His computer is a mess and needs a good cleaning off. I am going to just reformat him and start clean, I think. Take two days to do it but it downloaded the Service Pack 3 for XP and my guess is that caused the problems. His speed is about the same as mine but he is not running at that capacity at all.

When I got home at 7 I realized immediately something was wrong. Jerry was at work. My heat dials back to 60 during the hours he is at work and at 5 will be warmed back up to comfort level for me when I get in. At 7 it was still 60 degrees! I tried all I knew to get it working but finally called the repairman at 8 p.m. -- after normal business hours. He was really nice and we talked about possibly waiting until morning but I was concerned the pipes would freeze and burst and then I'd have a plumber's service call on top of the heating problem. I hated to ask anyone to come out in that cold and work on it. It was 17 degrees.

So, he came and worked an hour and a half and found the problem. Then, he said he didn't have the part because it is one they don't carry on the trucks. Its an old part. He said he'd get me heat for the night and get the part in the morning. He was going to hard wire it but he went out and cleaned the part and connections and plugged it back in and it fired right up! He thinks it was dirty connections. I had a choice of not replacing the part but I was worried it may be defective and he agreed it could be and there was no way to know. So, now I'm thinking another service call and a part on top of this nighttime call.

You know, I sat in the study for the whole time he was working just outside the window and I prayed for it to be something simple. That unit cost us $3500 when we bought it 11 years ago and it is nearing the time when it has to be replaced again. I dread it because now it probably cost $5000!

When he was done, the final bill for an after hours call was $133. Today the guy called me and told me how much the part is. He says he can sell it to me at cost and just run by and put it in for us at no extra charge but there wouldn't be a warranty with it since he can't tell the company and he could get in a lot of trouble if they found out. The part was only $12 at cost and $20 with their markup. I told him I didn't want anyone to get in trouble and if something went wrong, I might not be able to get it corrected. He agreed and then said he would only charge me $50 for the part and to come by and put it in with new connectors too. So, I feel I came out ahead. He was so nice and I think he would have just sold it to me at cost and put it in for free if I had asked but I really would hate for anyone to get in trouble for doing me a favor.

So, now I have heat. I really need to get a home warranty on my appliances. This is getting expensive. I replaced the refrigerator last year. My dryer is not well. I have an old washer. Now the heat is acting up. So, I better plan now.

I have to get back to work. This has taken me the better part of two days to actually get this far. Tonight I am going to be cleaning out some files and clearing some more clutter. Hope you all have a great day, wherever you are.

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