Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Long Days, Short Nights

I wonder why it is that long days are followed by short nights? I never have enough time from 5 p.m. to 6 a.m. to accomplish all my needs and desires. We had David, Becca, and Sarah over tonight and they left around 9 p.m. Sarah was in rare form. We got to sing, dance, read Clifford, and just chatter all over the place. She is such a sweet baby but will not let her mother out of her sight for five minutes when she is nearby. She kisses her and pats her cheek and says, "You so sweet, Mommy. I love you. It's all right." She is just an angel.

Potty training is apparently complete and Sarah has graduated to panties completely. Oh, and three's are too large but they don't sell 2's! So, we have to boil them to make them shrink enough to stay up. LOL! She doesn't wet the bed at all.. I'm talking completely potty trained - #1 & #2 as we used to say. In less than two months. I'm astounded. I should have been so lucky. Hah!

My pain has disappeared except for my shoulder and neck. I have no idea what is going on with that but I have virtually NO pain since Sunday night. Several people had similar experiences at church Sunday night and told about it but I didn't have any special prayer or even ask for prayer. Didn't realize it even until today. I'm thankful and will just say Praise the Lord for even small blessings. No pain is no small blessing.

I'm going to bed soon and try to get some extra rest.

I am really aggravated with myself because there's been no writing in over a week. First I was miserable with pain. Then, I had to move stuff and clean stuff and now, I'm just tired. I have been sticking to a plan though and it has been helping keep things prioritized so I will soon be back on track. Still have lots to clean out and toss away. I can't believe some of the things I've kept and don't remember why! I have realized I am an information junkie.

Yes, folks, I am addicted to information and knowledge. I can't help it. If I find an interesting article somewhere and can tear it out, copy it, print it out, or bookmark it I do. I may read it right away but more often than not, I never get around to it because something more important pushes it back. Eventually, I have this huge file (pile) of information. I do read it but I never get finished with all of it because I keep adding to it. I have several notebooks of articles I printed out to read. I'll be going through those this week.

You know, I've always said I have a mind like a sink. . . . . hole! I used to be able to win every round of Trivial Pursuit. My husband had a friend who loved the game. He came over one night and brought his game with him. We played for hours. LOL, you know, he never asked to do that again! That was about 22 years ago!

I am having a colonoscopy on Monday. As of tomorrow I have to watch my diet and can't take my anti-inflammatory medicine. This is where it could get bad. As of Friday, I can't take the RA medicine either so after that, it may get really ugly. Those are the two meds that keep my disease in check. I stand to be in a very bad place by Monday. So you can see why I really hope that this last two days is a touch from God and it continues. On Sunday I can't eat at all until after the procedure on Monday morning and as I am considered diabetic, this can give me other problems. I'm less worried about that because I produce insulin but my body doesn't utilize it well - insulin resistant.

As of tomorrow I can't have any nuts, seeds, skin, purple foods or red foods. I don't actually eat much red and purple but I love nuts. This kind of diet will be a pain because it is actually looking at my food ! LOL.

That's it for me, folks. I'm ready to call it a night. I hope you all have a great week and you get over the hump without incident.

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