Sunday, January 18, 2009

All Pumped Up

I'm up now. Yep. Don't want to go to bed. This is not good.

My stars and garters! I am so hungry. I have had soup and broth until it is running out of my . . . my ears. Yep, that's it. And I'm getting giddy, too. I've been lightheaded for hours but now I'm foolish. LOL, I know how to fix the lightheadedness! Drink water. But what's the point! I have a glass of ice water and a glass of iced tea sitting beside me. But what do I want? Oh, no, I want a cup of hot hazelnut coffee with hazelnut creamer and some Oreo cookies on the side. YES! YES! YES! Ever see that shampoo commercial? I'm there but its coffee and cookies tonight.

I already asked Jerry if I could have the biggest hamburger I could find tomorrow. That'll be the Sonic Burger fully dressed with cheese and extra mustard. Or maybe their foot-long chili dog! AAAHHHHHEEE!

I sat looking at those old magazines I was weeding out tonight and found some wonderful looking recipes! I hate cooking now-a-days and I married a man who doesn't cook either. Well, thirty-five years ago he didn't have to! So that little dream probably isn't coming true. But they looked wonderful.In my next life I want a cook and maid.

{snort} Yeah, like that's gonna happen. I'll come back as pond scum in all likelihood.Thankfully I don't actually believe in reincarnation. Nice fictional concept but why would I want to come back here? Oh, unless. . . never mind. That's totally juvenile.

I seem to have become very popular this week. People are inviting me all over the place. So, I've added a couple more contacts. You that have been with me awhile know I am extremely picky. These adds have been pending for a bit and I've been adding them one at a time after several trips to their site.As usual the warning goes out that everything is on speculation, you know. I don't know why I am on this add kick. Months go by and I have no interest. Then some interesting people pop in and I'm hitting the green buttons right and left. That never bodes well for me.

I do hope I don't do anything stupid and careless and add some freak. I really hate that when it happens. Its only happened twice since I started blogging and both times I didn't see it coming. I've recently added Jo Ann and she seems like a sweet lady. I don't think she's a pervert or anything. Just a nice lady who likes company. Tonight, I added Mike and he seems like a very nice conservative fellow. I don't add many men so it is always a bit strange when I do. But I liked his blog. I have two more to decide on this week.

Did I ever tell you that I don't like parties? I hate crowds. It is why I get paranoid about adding people. Well, that and To Catch a Predator. That show just freaks me out. And I used to have the worst stage fright but I've overcome that a bit since I have to lecture a roomful of clients on the policies and procedures of housing regulations and what I'll do to them if they don't comply. You can get over stage fright much easier if you have a whip in your hand! I swear it helps tremendously. And substitute teaching helped ,too. So, I'm less worried about crowds now but I really don't want 100 contacts. I can't keep up with that many. So, I'll be a bit more circumspect from here on out.

Perhaps I should set a limit? I recently deleted some people because there is STILL nothing on their sites. I am eyeing another, too. They are never there! And a second is getting on my nerves. You'll just have to figure out who you are. LOL! Oh, I do like surprises.

See what dehydration will do to you? Makes you slap happy crazy. I have to go to bed before I start chewing on the keyboard. It is beginning to look quite tasty.

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