Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Beauty of the Storm

I am only publishing this today because I found it in my draft box. I had begun it on the 28th of January, the morning after the storm hit. Hours later, the world shifted on its axis.

Last night and this morning we had a serious ice storm, the effects of which are still being felt. No electricity, no heat, no way to get to a safe location are fears many are still facing. During the night, I remembered the words "Let not your flight be in winter." Those are the words of Jesus from the New Testament and he is speaking of the last days when troubles will abound and the world will be in chaos - a storm so to speak. I understood it in a new way last night as I went to bed. I looked out my window and saw the ice falling and that which was already on the ground glistened in the light as if it were a sheet of glass. I prayed for my own power to stay on. So far, that prayer was answered although a few minutes ago I saw the power team across the street.

Life is filled with storms of all types. We are often surrounded and overwhelmed by the torture and frustration that a storm brings. In the middle of the storm we see only the darkness, the raging winds, rain, or the frozen landscape. We are surrounded by dangers and fear eats away at our mind until we feel the need to run as far and as fast as possible. We must escape.

It is difficult to see beauty in a storm. If you've read my post "Out Running the Storm" you know I find storm of any type beautiful. I love them. All that power and me right in the middle of it. Awesome. And dangerous. And foolhardy.

This morning, Jerry went out to try and shovel a path and the drive. While he was out there, I pulled on my snow boots, my coat and gloves and grabbed my camera. I was awestruck at the beautiful yard I now possess. Everything is glazed in ice and frosted with snow. The sun sparkles off every branch, ever wire, every rusty bucket and the world appear created from diamonds. In moments I am nearly blind and I have not sunglasses but I immediately began to take photographs. The world through that small square is a different world. You immediately begin to see what a treasure it is. The hedges are from a fairy tale, branches iced and frosted look like feathers. Just as the sun peeked out I took the shot. The back fence is an interesting puzzle with a tiny snow mound in square of the fence. The yard is a smooth blanket of white, untouched by scars or dirt. Trees that never touch the ground have bowed beneath their weight of ice, as if in homage to the creator talents. For this is where the beauty of the storm lies.

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