Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I stayed home today. RA meds have not caught up to my pain level and I have a migraine starting. Thankfully, I can take that if need be. I've taken all the other things last night and this a.m. so I hope by tomorrow things will be a bit more comfortable. I think my biggest problem is just being off some of the meds so long. Actually, I feel better than expected. This is not a pain I don't understand but one I'm "used" to, if that a term I can apply.

I had a rather good evening sitting listening to a pod-cast of The Murder at Avedon Hill on my computer. I've discovered ITunes has some really neat podcasts. Since I don't have an IPod I can only listen at my computer but that's o.k. It gives me a way to do something else if I like but I didn't.

I must admit to not doing enough writing last night. I wasted several hours that I could have been tying up loose ends in Mist. I won't do that again. I need a good kick in the pants and get back on track. I've been a bit off for the last week. I've spent too much time blogging and answering emails and playing games. I don't usually let that get out of hand but for some reason I did. Sometimes I just don't pay attention and others I get too involved in things that are just a waste of time.

I did get the bookcases sorted out. Now I can start on another project in my path to organization. I'm in a disposal mood and I better make the most of it. It may not last long. I have a lot of computer stuff that needs sorting out. What do I keep and what to get rid of? Cables are probably a good thing to keep at this point. My old web-cam with out a mic? It works fine but I have this one with a built in mic and so I don't need it. {shrug} something will come up.

I feel as if The End of Winter has hit a snag. I'm floundering between the latest chapter and the endings which are basically already written. I am not sure what to do and it is driving me a bit crazy.

I think I'll go get some breakfast now and maybe something will come to me. I have a couple of things I should do while I am home but I need to pet this headache a bit. Catch you all later.

Thanks so much for all your good wishes, prayers and encouragement. It was nice to know you were all out there . . . for me.

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