Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's Raining, It's Pouring

Ain't no body snoring! I'm at my desk. Just came back form lunch with my friend, Carolyn. The rain is coming down steadily. I long for a comfy chair and a warm blanket with a cup of hot coffee or cocoa with my feet on the ottoman and the curtains pulled so I can watch it rain. It won't happen.

I've decided I want to be independently wealthy.

Yes, I have.

No, I did not say it was going to happen. I said I decided I want to be. I'm sure you will agree it would solve all my problems. Well.... most of them. Probably create a few along the way as well. I think I can deal with that.

I do not have a headache today but I didn't feel too well when I got up. I was so sleepy and my hands, knees, feet, back, and neck were not friendly at all. I'm less tired than I was but then I got quite a bit of sleep compared to usual. I went home and slept two hours . . . did I already blog this somewhere? I should try and go back to my 10 p.m. curfew. I had a period where I was doing that and I did really well with it.... got up earlier but I was feeling a bit better I think.

I'm so looking forward to Spring! I need sunlight again. I can always tell. I'm sorry, you can't put that in a pill, no matter what you do. I'm going to look for some of those special lights I think. If I put them in the rooms I'm spending most of my time in, it would probably help a lot.

I've been reading the blog of a fairly recent friend. I met Loraine through NaNoWriMo two Novembers ago. This year, we chatted in the NaNo chat room quite a bit and recently got together with some other Wrimos for an informal get-together. Now, I find she is quite funny without trying. The PTB have invited her to join our Writers' Asylum group and she will be joining us. I'm giving her Wordpress blog link here if you are interested. I particularly refer you to the October 2010 and November 2010 posts. One is about an incident in her bath and the other a dinner conversation. I found them truly funny. The Doctor & His Wife

I should be doing something, I'm sure. I'm just killing time finding "stupid work". That is stuff that doesn't require a lot of effort or brain power but is legally what they pay me for.

Yep, I've decided to I want to be independently wealthy.

{sigh} It's a thought.

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