Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Midday Madness

I'm home at the moment for lunch. Carolyn is out today and tomorrow and I really didn't feel like going anywhere to eat.

I've been going full tilt since I got to work. I started processing files and didn't stop for anything. I have a dozen to go and won't finish them today. But I'll do them as fast as I can without stopping. It is the only way to get them done and to not think about time passing.

My friend, Doug, dropped me a "cheer up, shape up, finish the book and quit the job" email. Loraine sent sunshine. Everyone here has sent something. I wish it were as simple as that. Life is much too complicated.

Thank you all for the water tips. My filter at home is an under the sink, connected to the waterline. I could fill a thermos but I do get cold water from a dispenser at work. They buy bottled water. I don't like the over the counter bottled waters. They taste funny to me. I drink them only when I have no other source of water. I do probably need a thermos and they sell Stanley stainless steel ones.

Mike sold plasma today and will get my car washed and cleaned out today. He's down the hall at the moment chatting up some woman.

I have to get ready to go back to work so I'm gone.

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