Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Night Wrap-Up

I am not alone. Sarah and I went to church and she asked to come home
with me. I have to take her home tomorrow by noon so I can keep my
appointment. She's playing now while I am messing around online. She
has cooked for the puppies and played with Play-doh. We'll go to bed
soon. I'm tired but want to stay up and do something.

I worked on the sweater all afternoon. I now have the sides joined and
am ready to try and put the collar on. I tell you, each piece I do is
a bit of a challenge. I've never done one before and I'm sort of
guessing as I go. The instructions are good to start and give you some
guidance as you go but it is very superficial. It isn't, after all, a
pattern. I chose to skip some advice and work some things differently
because of that pretty collar I made. LOL, I'm learning the basics.
When I want to do a fancy one, I'll go back and do the math. I've used
a t-shirt as my pattern to determine rough size.

The day was very nice. I sat on the porch for about an hour and
finally came in. I decided I need to get a glider rather than the
table. I need a place to read. It is too hard to read the computer
screen. I'm going to order my Kindle this week, I think. I really
think I'll like having a smaller, lighter "book" to read. My neck and
shoulders get very sore sometimes holding books and things. I so miss
being able to read in bed. I loved it.

O.k. enough of this. I am just sleepy. I'm going to tackle HRH and see
if I can cajole her to go to bed. If not, Daddy will be called to come
get her.

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