Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another Night With No Count

Sarah just left, half asleep. I got her after work. I was exhausted but she wanted to come. I couldn't say no. We had a milkshake. Probably bad for both of us. But we did eat real food afterward. She had her ham sandwich as usual. I fixed me a burger. We read the card that came with Jilly's gift and when I told her their names she giggled and hugged them and kissed them. She is such a sweet child.

We, or rather I watched Spiderman. She played with her doll house until she grew tied and lay down on the sofa to take a nap. Slept thorough about 45 minutes of it. Then daddy came and got her.

I am going to bed. It is only 9 p.m. but this overwhelming tiredness is not to be borne. My neck and shoulders hurt anyway and my hands have been quite painful all day. I've been on the computer entering data for 8 hrs so that has not helped. Nevertheless, I'm tired. I've already taken my meds so they'll be working by now. Maybe I can sleep a full 8 hrs. That would be very lovely. Long as I don't wake up stiff with a headache I would not mind that. I'd give nearly anything to be able to sleep with out pain, to dream good dreams, and to wake up feeling as if I had my brain. I do not remember when I did that last, any of it.

Tomorrow is Wednesday and that means the downhill side of work. I am not sure I'll make it. It feels as if I'm not going to get through a day. I sometimes think my nails should be ripped and torn from trying to hang on until 5. At least, I get a three day weekend on this weekend. Monday is MLK day and we get that off. I suppose that would be a good time to clean the place up. It is really looking bad. I've no ability to think things through and it is very frustrating.

Bed. Right. Bed. Sorry. Good night.

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