Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Gossamer Sky

The sun is shinning in Southern Indiana today. The sky is a lovely
blue with gossamer clouds drifting on the air, air that nearly
sparkles in the intense cold. After the gloom of the past months it is
odd to see that colors seem to be more vivid and . . . present. Even
the bricks of the old Welborn hospital across the street seem an
unusual intensity of tan. One would almost feel hopeful... if one were
not such a pessimist. Well, you know I am. Still, it gives one a nice
feeling of euphoria to look out of a cold, dark office into the
sunlight of a new day.

Was that maudlin enough? I hope so. It was very difficult to write.

I find myself on the edge of my seat hoping that the groundhog did not
lie this year. If he was a smart creature he stayed in his burrow
during that horrible storm. If he came out during all that mess just
to see his shadow, well, I just hope he froze to death.
You do know that all that groundhog story simply means if Feb 2 is a
bright sunny day of good weather, winter will continue another six
weeks. Whereas, if it is a day of gloom... and snowstorms it should
arrive practically on time, which is at least six more weeks... until
March 22... the spring equinox to be exact. When it is supposed to
arrive. Sooo...

I've slept better the last few nights and feeling a bit more rested.
That or I'm coming out of the flare at last. I've had more joint pain
and my back was also acting up. I think the back is the result of poor
posture. I'm going to purchase a tray for my desk at work for the
keyboard. At home, I'm trying to sit more correctly when working at
the computer or with the crochet.

 I started another swiffer sock last night for my friend. I haven't
told her yet. It will be  pink and white since that is the prettiest
colors I've done so far. I should be done with it by  Friday if I work
an hour or so a night. That and the "300 a Night" challenge are
keeping me occupied enough I don't notice much else. I watch t.v.
shows while crocheting. Yes, you can... I also read while watching
t.v. but not recently. Both my sisters do, too. Don't know why we can
do it, we just do.

The sun is higher now, the wispy clouds more intense and the blue a
bit brighter. It is an hour later than when I started this. I have to
start thinking about lunch soon. Carolyn has already asked what I
wanted to do. I've no idea. Thursday is usually our free day, meaning
we don't really have any place in mind to go. Lately Bob Evans has
been a choice. They have delicious cheesy baked potato soup. Fried
bacon and scallions scattered on top. MMMM, sounds good today!
I've been getting post updates to my email and that is quite nice now
that I can't see them online at work. I do try and comment to but that
feature wants to take me to the sites after I send it so not sure it
is working. But nice to read anyway.

My office is freezing. Each time the door opens a chill breeze wafts
in and settles around my ankles. We are not allowed to close our doors
because the PTB are concerned we would be doing something unethical.
Only think I could think of would be sleeping. I crack mine to within
an inch and today, I've closed it twice. It is just too cold in the
building and particularly on my end. My boss doesn't like it and he
knock if he come in either, just pushes it open. I told one of my

The day has moved along and the sky is still lovely and sharp. We had
Chinese buffet and it was really good. I love cabbage egg rolls, the
kind with a thin crispy crust. Sooo good. I worked a couple hours and
we took a break, which I just came back from. All together I've
written bits and pieces of this post through out the day during short

I do hope everyone is snug and warm and having a lovely day... or evening.

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