Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Sun Is Not Shining

I was awakened at 7:45 by the phone. My clock had gone off but I'd hit the snooze. It was my DIL's house calling. I got up and am waiting until the train leaves for work. Well, until my car does.

I went to bed about 10 something last night. I don't remember much after that. I didn't wake in the middle of the night that I know. Hands are pretty painful today. Neck hurts and knees are mildly painful.

BP was up when I got up. I don't know. I'm supposed to be monitoring it regularly and I forget but I am going to call them today and see what I should do. The dizzy spell bothered me, particularly as it took several minutes to really clear off. I think... I think the fluid pill may be dehydrating me too much. Is that possible? I have to stop drinking sodas that's for sure but the water here is just awful. We have a water dispenser at work but I like water cold and the ice in our fridge is made with tap water... which taste awful. Remember, I have a water filter here at home so my water is much better than other locals.

Am I still depressed. I'm trying not to think about it. I'll shove myself through the day and hope I come out the other side ok. Yes, I'm taking all the same stuff.

A look out the window reveals an overcast sky and it sounds as if there is wind. I suppose it is too much to hope for sun all day today. I think the temps are supposed to reach near 60 today. A veritable heat wave in store for the states!

I'm off here for work. I must stop and find something to eat, although I'm not really hungry. I may just take a granola bar and make do with that. It's enough.

Someone send prayers.

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