Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Gray Sunday Morning

Absolutely gray with a light wind. I am ready for church and thought
I'd look at my mail and they decided to update the blogs. Problem is
there are no events to relate. I went to bed last night exhausted and
had not trouble going right to sleep. The previous terrible week has
taken it out of me and I'm still recovering. Tomorrow will be
stressful as well because I have some medial appointments.

I am off tomorrow, too and am hoping that I can get more than
appointment done. I hate blood work but if I go early that won't take
long. I have a mammogram in the afternoon. That is unknown. So, could
be a couple of hours. Last time was and in the end they had to do an
MRI. I elected this time to go to the hospital breast center rather
than my clinic center. They took four x-rays and an ultrasound
because there was "something they couldn't make out". Scared me to
death. After the ultra sound I was scheduled to come back in 6 months.
Next day they called and said, "We think you should get an MRI." I
was so upset! The MRI cleared me but it did not spare me an emotional
trauma. So, I won't use that clinic again.

I'm on my way out now. Mike is ready and I have my sister to pick up
today. I'll probably be around this afternoon but not sure. I am
trying to get that sweater finished so I can start something else. I
found a beautiful shrug pattern I want to try. Probably a much quicker
project than a patternless sweater.

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