Saturday, February 19, 2011

Late Night with Dixie

My day did not turn out as I'd planned. I had to take Mike lunch and after that, I went to lunch with Dave, Becca and Sarah. We all came back to my house. I've don't nothing but watch movies. I'm going to bed soon so I can get up for church tomorrow. I am really tired tonight and hope I can relax tomorrow afternoon.

I bought a small portable computer table for the laptop. I thought it would help me have less neck and shoulder pain. I don't know yet. I had to put the thing together myself and that took the better part of a couple of hours after noon before I met my kids for lunch. Painful sitting on the floor. Knees, hips, leg, neck and shoulders did not like the arrangement. Still I got it done. I'll have to take a photo. It is a cheap little gadget but the frame is fairly sturdy. So, if the top wears out I can put a better top on the stand.

I'm going to bed. Right now. I'm suddenly very tired.

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