Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Flop

I came home at 3 with a headache. I've had it most of the day. Had lunch with Doug and thought the food would help but it didn't. I got worse. Once home I put on my p.j.s and went straight to bed and slept until 5:10 pm. I got up and at supper.. grits and a cherry preserves on small biscuits. I bought those biscuits by mistake. They are about the size of a half dollar but actually, for me, three is all I need.

I did have a nice chat with Doug and we've settled on a challenge to get us writing again. He's been given notice that his job will be gone in the Spring as the result of a corporate buy-out. Do say a prayer for him. He has four children under the age of 14 and his wife only works a part time job. It is going to be very difficult for them if he doesn't find something. He's in telecommunications so I don't know what the market is like here. I would hate for them to have to move. Doug and his wife have become good friends and I need all of those I can get.

I did take my Imitrex but I'm not a great deal better. I still feel sickly. I'm going to bed soon. The weather here is iffy. They don't predict any ice or snow here until maybe tomorrow. I went to the store because I was out of milk.... happens with impending storms. Actually was out over the weekend and forgot to get it. I picked up breakfast things because I was out of that too and some fruit and a veggie tray. And I picked up a drink called Naked. Health drink with fruits and or veggies in it. Becca keeps telling me to try carrot juice.She bought a Jack LaLane juicer last year and used it a lot at first and now she's back on it. She got really sick for a while with her blood sugar and says she's doing better drinking the carrot juice.

So, I told her I'd try it. I like juices but I'm not very motivated lately. I can't begin to say how tired I am. I have come to realize that working takes nearly every ounce of energy I have to function. By the time I get home it is almost too much. I don't have a solution since I am not independently wealthy and the small pension Jerry left is nowhere near what I earn. It simply allows me to remain solvent. So, quitting my job is not an option.

What I've found is I'm good for several hours after which I need to rest for a couple of hours. Then, I'm usually good for several more. But working, I don't have a way to break that up and as a result, I'm not recovering so quickly. I've tried to help myself by getting other people to do things like cleaning the house for me but it is hard to find good help. Becca's mom moved away. Becca is in school and hasn't time anymore. And there are few people I trust in my home alone. So, I don't know. Hiring a service would be far more expensive that I want to pay.

Anyway, I'm going now. I think I will take my computer to bed and watch a movie. I bought the Prince of Persia and want to see it. My neck and shoulders are just killing me tonight. I'm doing some things I think are aggravating it. Since I moved my desk at work the keyboard is too high and I can't lower it. I need a keyboard tray but the one I had won't work on the opposite side of my desk. And I need it there. Don't say ask maintenance to fix it... won't happen. I may find me a wheeled stand to slid under my desk, that might work, not sure. I can purchase a clamping keyboard tray for about $100 and will probably do that. Easier than dealing with the strain.

Ok, enough. I'm getting off here. Stay dry, stay warm, and wear grippers on your shoes!

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