Friday, January 21, 2011

Snowed In

I took a sick day. I am exhausted. I have a cold. My back was bothering me. Take your pick. My drive is long and I'm not about to try and shovel it with a bad back. Last time I took a broom and swept a path I could navigate but this is more snow and wetter. I may try and get it clear in a while, when the sun is higher but without a shovel, I'm hard put to move that much snow.

It is lovely outside but at 7 degrees... I'll stay right here where it is warm and cozy. I'm reading news as I stumble across it. Obviously you have seen the items I've posted in the last two days. I begin to think that the whole world has gone insane. Has it been this way long? Have I lost touch with reality and the world by not having television that I missed it? My real fear is that there are more of "them" than there are of "us". And they breed.

I'm headed back down the hall now to finish a something I've started. I have moved some things around and am sweeping. This is a terribly dusty house! I really wish I could get my washer and dryer out of the main part of the house. I believe that is what causes so much dust. This summer I am thinking I will try one month with no dryer and see if it makes a difference. If it doesn't then I'm fine. If it does, I must find a way to correct the problem. I also need the duct work cleaned. That's a bit expensive.

I'm considering the last week of May or first week of June as my trip across the pond. I'm going to put in my request this next week so I need all my buddies in England to let me know if that is a good time for a cousin from the Colonies to visit. I need to get it approved and purchase tickets NOW to get the best price. The last weekend is May is a three day weekend because of Memorial Day. I've been going to the cemetery on that day because they do a Veterans' Memorial service. I'd have to forgo that this year. My plans are to travel on a Tuesday or Thursday... it is cheaper because they are off days. It would mean I'd use less vacation time as well. I'd like to use ten days to take the trip and return.

So, those of you who offered to put up with me let me know if this is a convenient time.

Now, I'm off for a bit. No doubt I will be back because there isn't much to do here.

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