Monday, January 31, 2011

What Follows A Sunny Weekend?

A gloomy Monday, of course! The sky is overcast but we did not get the projected rain. It could be tonight but I'm hoping this one will pass us by. I can deal with snow but the ice is no comparison. It is far more dangerous.

I am going to meet Doug for lunch today and I scheduled a writer's meeting for the 10th. I'm a bit tired of waiting for everyone to get it together. I have four or five people who want to meet up and I'm just going to do it. Doug emailed back and said he was glad I had done it because he needed it, too. Then he suggested lunch. I jumped on that. One thing about Doug, he is funny and sets my brain in motion. We can talk about writing and maybe I'll do more than sit in my chair when I get home.

I downloaded a sweater pattern over the weekend for Sarah and I'm going to attempt my first crocheted garment. We'll see how it goes. Then nice thing about crochet is it is so forgiving. If you make a mistake virtually no one will see it and you can always pull it out and start over! I haven't done a garment before so this will be a bit of a challenge. I used to be up to challenges.

Biggest drawback is my neck. I have a terrible neck ache after making some of those swiffer socks. Not sure if I need stronger glasses or light or what but I've got to work on the posture.

I'm off for now. Been working on this off and on for 45 minutes.

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