Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Puzzled No More

It is finished. The train can now finish it's journey to whatever mysterious place it is headed for.

I put the last piece in tonight and posted the photos for you to see. It is a beautiful puzzle. I will leave it in place until my aunt and uncle get here on Friday and can see it. I really want to frame it. I can't believe how pretty it looks in the dark.

I want to jump on the train and ride to far away places. I want to watch the forest and mountains fly past in the darkness and hear the wolf cry. I want to watch the sun come up over the valleys and watch the mist rise on the wind. I want to hear the bird singing as the sun rises. I want to smell the scent of the coal mingle with the scent of sun-drenched forest and watch as deer leap along beside the train as it races to its destination.

And I want to do it all with Jerry seated next to me. I want to lay back with the sun on my face and my head on his shoulder and ride forever.

There is no escape.

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